Sexy stylist | H.S

Anna were finally done at her stylist school, now she just needed a job. But it wasn't easy to find until she's on a try out, with the four guys from one direction.

It will be a fairytail and a hellfor her, when one of the boys fall for her. She doesn't like him back. He will do anything to get her, to like him. That's when he offers her something, a pretty great deal for them both!


3. three

I woke up by the sunlight, shining from my window. I was nervous about today. My mom said, that there would be a lot of other stylist, and I bet they’re nervous too.

I looked at my phone, and saw that there was 3 hours until I had to drive. I yawned, and got out of bed. I walked in to my bathroom, and had a shower. The hot water was running down my hair, and afterwards my body. I loved the feeling of being clean.

I got out of the shower and put on my new trousers, and my beautiful black top. It had blondes and hang on my shoulders, only two thin strops, were holding it up. It was a little bit longer than a crop top, so you couldn’t see my stomach. I looked at my phone – two hours to go. I looked on all the makeup I had. I agued with myself, about what I should put on, and what it should end up with. I ended up putting on some long fake lashes, and a really pretty brownish nude on my lips. I wanted my hair to be natural as well, so I only made it a little bit wavier than it already was. Afterwards I put on my watch, my new baby blue leather jacket, some black boots with a little bit heel on them and last but not least, a simple black bag, that matched the boots. I looked myself in my mirror, and smiled. I actually think I looked quite pretty. I had a good feeling about today.

I still had about half an hour, so I decided to leave a little bit sooner, and get some coffee on my way.

I was now near the building where our try out was. I parked my car in the parking lot, and got out. I looked at the building, and it was huge! There was a huge glass door, and a big sign saying ‘one direction’, over the door, so I assumed it was there I got in. I blonde haired lady, sat behind a desk. I walked towards her, and her head tilted up, looking at me. A smile appeared on her face.

‘’What can I do for you?’’ she asked politely.

‘’I’m here for the stylist try out. Do you know where I have to go?’’ I responded.

She nodded, and said ‘’follow me’’

I followed her, as we walked through the entire building. When we reached an elevator, she spoke again.

‘’Just go the the 6th floor, and go to the door, on the left’’

I smiled and thanked her, as I got in. I pressed the button, that showed the number 6. I sighed and took a deep breath. Here we go. I stepped out of the elevator and walked through the door on the left. Only 9 other stylist sat there and talked, but it stopped when I had opened the door. They all smiled and greeted me. I said hi to all of them, and sat on a free chair. Why was there only 10 of us? Anyways, It was a huge table with 16 chairs around. The door opened 5 minutes later, and I cleared my throat. 2 of London’s best known stylist walked though, and the 4 boys from one direction followed. It was time, and I was really nervous now.

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