Sexy stylist | H.S

Anna were finally done at her stylist school, now she just needed a job. But it wasn't easy to find until she's on a try out, with the four guys from one direction.

It will be a fairytail and a hellfor her, when one of the boys fall for her. She doesn't like him back. He will do anything to get her, to like him. That's when he offers her something, a pretty great deal for them both!


1. one

y I’m going to my last exam. I was a bit nervous, but I had done great in my other subjects. But this was my main subject. Stylist. This was the most important exam.

I’ve got many A’s and a bit of B’s. No one would have seen those grades coming. Let’s just say I really don’t like this school.

I got interrupted in my thoughts, when my teacher called my name. I walked in the class room, and presented my exam.

A little while after I’ve was done, and got my grade. An A. I smiled, when I saw my family outside waiting for me.

‘’I got an A’’ I said.

My mom, dad, big sister and little brother all yelled ‘’group hug!!’’

- 1 week later –

My mom helped me find a job, since I couldn’t. I’ve tried to call and e-mail hundreds of salons, or someone who needed a stylist. While she was looking on the internet, and calling some places, I sat on the couch.

I let out a sigh, I took my phone from my pocket. I got a text from Destiny. Destiny is one of my best friends from school. The only thing nice about that school, was the people there. They were just like me, and we all just have a perfect friendship.

‘’Hello Anna! Want to go shopping? – Destiny’’

‘’Of course, when my mom done holding on to me.’’ I answered and put my phone away. I looked outside seeing my mom talking with someone on the phone. She smiled.

‘’What’s up?’’ I asked her

‘’You’re going to try out!’’ she said feeling proud.

‘’Okay? Where and who?’’

‘’One direction.’’ She said, while she clapped her hands.

My mouth was open. It’s not like I listen that much to one direction, but it was a big opportunity for me.

‘’Are you serious?!’’ I asked.

‘’Yes, Anna. But don’t have too many expectations. A lot of others are going too.’’ She answered.

I jumped off the couch and ran over to hug her.

‘’thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!’’ I said, while running up the stairs to get ready.

I took my phone up, and texted destiny.

‘’definitely going shopping now, let’s meet in town? – Anna.’’

I took my keys, purge, a bit of makeup and put it in my bag. I said goodbye to my mom, as I went out the door. I’m going to find the prettiest outfit for that try out!

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