Sexy stylist | H.S

Anna were finally done at her stylist school, now she just needed a job. But it wasn't easy to find until she's on a try out, with the four guys from one direction.

It will be a fairytail and a hellfor her, when one of the boys fall for her. She doesn't like him back. He will do anything to get her, to like him. That's when he offers her something, a pretty great deal for them both!


4. Four

The two stylist, whom was named Erica Williams and Christian Baker, just smiled and looked curious. The four boys welcomed us with a simple "hi".

In response most of us responded by waving at them. There were some whispers from some of the stylist. I, myself wasn't talking to anyone. I just eyed the boys. They were cute, I had to admit that. I was snapped out of my thoughts, when Erica and Christian stood up, and spoke

"We have picked you, all new graduated stylist, to come to this try out today. We each saw quality in all of you" Erica said, eyeing all of us.

I nodded and smiled, like she talked to me.

Christian started speaking " at the end of the day, only two of you will be back. We have some tasks for you today."

They explained all of the things we had to go though today. The first thing we would compete in was the makeup. We each got a man and a women we needed to style. Of course they had a theme for each makeup style. On the girl we had to make her makeup elegant, and for the boy - concert, ofcourse.

All of us started with the boys. I didn’t know what to do. I really wasn’t a specialist on boys, but if I wanted this job, I needed to act like one. I looked on all the makeup we had in front of us. There was more than I would ever need. I started with looking at my clients face. What he needed, and how he looked. My eyes landed on all the makeup again. I took 3 different concealers, and found the one a little lighter than his skin tone. I cleared my throat and looked behind my shoulder. There would always be eyes on me, this whole time. I applied the concealer right under his eyes, to cover his dark circles. Afterwards I gently smoothed it out, so it looked smooth and pretty. My client, didn’t have a bad skin, so there wasn’t really anything to cover. I finished the concealer with a little bit of powder, so it would stay.

I brushed though his eyebrow. I took a step backwards to see how he looked, but I bumped into someone. I let out a little gasp, of the surprise. I quickly turned around to say sorry. I looked up, and saw some forest green eyes. His hair was light tapping his shoulder, and his dimples showed. He must be the famous one and only, Harry Styles.

‘’Omg, I’m so sorry!’’ I said, feeling a bit shy.

He let out a little laugh.

‘’It’s on me, you’re just doing your work.’’ He smiled sweetly.

I smiled I quickly got back to my client, whom laughed at me. I frowned, and gave him a stare for fun. I decided to top him off, with a bit of countering.

I waved my lady client over, and she slowed walked towards me, and sat in the chair beside my man. I started by finding a foundation in her color. One from Nars fitted her perfectly, so I used that to get her face a base. I waited with concealer and powder, so I would finish the look with that.

I went straight to a dark red blush, and a bronzer. I put it on her, and went to the brows and eyes. I filled in her brows, and made a brown wing, with a little bit of a bronze look. Last but not least I picked a beautiful dark red, to put on her lips. Again I took a step backwards to see her finish look. She looked beautiful and elegant. I smiled and took a look around the room. Apparently I was the first to finish. Erica walked towards me, and I cleared my throat nervously. I forced myself to smile.

‘’Hello beautiful. I see you finished your models. Your next job is to find clothes for them too. Since you’re the first one to finish, you’ll the first look in the clothes. In rights in there, and take you models with you.’’ Erica told me, and pointed her finger to the right.

I nodded and thanked her, and walked towards the clothes. When I got in I was in shock. It was enormous, there was so much I could pick. Fast I spotted a really pretty dark red dress, that would fit my models lip perfectly! I quickly went over to it.

‘’Will you try this one on, please?’’ I asked her.

She nodded, and got undressed right in front of us. I guess that’s what they do?

Afterwards I picked some nude high heels and a matching bag.

While she was putting in all on I found, some clothes for my man. I saw some black jeans. They were a little ripped, but it didn’t show any skin. I gave them to him, while finding a shirt. This was little bit harder for me, I wasn’t used to style men. I sighed, but quickly hold my breath again when I found something interesting. I was a shirt with buttons and there were birds flying around on it. I figured it would go well with the jeans. For shoes I picked out some black man boots. My models looked really good, and for the second time today I though to myself. This could end well.

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