Transformers Prefences

bumble bee and optimus prime prefences

you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


9. morning after

~Bumble bee:
It was morning after your frist time touching his spark. You felt someone touching your hair gently. You open your eyes, there was bee in his holoform. Than he kiss your lips gently, you smiled at him.
" I love you bee" he wishper into your ear. " I love you my spark mate" than you two just smiled at each other. Trying to start the day, after a great night.

Prime  -

It was morning after you had sex and touching. His spark mate and becoming his spark mate fully. I was laying in his arms, as he was in holo-form. Soon his eyes met my eyes, I blushed. He push my hair behind my ears

" mine …spark mate"

" yes…I love you" giggles

We really just spend in bed togther that morning.

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