Transformers Prefences

bumble bee and optimus prime prefences

you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


1. he reacts you to faling




It happen on your way home from school, prime was driving you to hq. than out of nowhere megatron attack you and prime, the door open than prime spoken

Prime: you need to run (y/n)….run my sweet spark mate

Than you get out and started to run, sounds behind of prime transforming. You were running, you took a wrong turn, dead end cliff. You heard clicking sounds there was soundwave he started blast at the cliff. It started to shake, you started to call for help as the cliff started to loosen you. Try to grab something than as you were falling than you were caught into the hand of prime.

Prime: I got you ( y/n)

Than prime transformer into his car mode, than he took you back to hq.

You were fighting with mec leader you were in warehouse, fighting him. You were ahead than he started to give you a beating than you lost footing someway and now you were over the rails. You started to call for bee, was outside fighting cons as you losing your grasp. Than you heard large steps it was bee

Bee: I got you, my love

Soon after you two join the others

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