Life changing...

One Direction who!? ... I don't thank Harry Styles ever talked about me will im his sister you might think im Gemma no that's not me my names Aria Marie Styles ever since I was 10 my mom sent me to boarding school and now that im 22 im going home with my family wish me luck!


1. going home


(going home outfit)


    Aria's p.o.v

    Today was the day I was finally going home I mean I could have left 2 years ago but I really loved Spain but  I really missed my family even though Harry would visit me but  he would only stay for 1hr then leave I really missed him he was the only one I told everything to and so did he but the one thing  he didn't tell was that he was in a band that really pissed me off no one told me I had to find out over the internet and magazines  you might think oh will at least Harry Styles is your brother will no ever since he was been in a band he hasn't come see me only Gemma did ... anyways today would be the best day ever I was going home.

text from gemma<3

hey love what time will u land so I can go pick you up? (gemma)

at 1:00 pm (me)

okay cant wait (gemma)


Harrys P.O.V

She was coming home its been 5 years since the last time i seen her i used to visit her but ever since the Xfactor and becoming One Direction i stopped seeing her its so cool how were the number one band in the world 5 albums Up all night (2011) Take me home (2012) Midnight Memories (2013) Four (2014) Made in the A.M(2015) its 2016 now and will as everyone knows Zayn quit the band he says a alien told him to but what ever we still hang out even though everyone says we hate him will news to you we don't and another news Louis is a Dad! how crazy is that its cool and but hey he's goanna be a wonderful father and Liam what can i say about him will he's dating none other then my child hood crush Charlie yes Charlie the X factor judge but hey i moved on haha but im happy that Liam and her are happy that's the only thing and will for Niall he's doing good nothing really changed will now that i think about it hes into golfing that's cool i always wanted to golf but im not good at it and will me im doing a movie im putting my acting skills on but today my twin sister is coming home i never told anyone about her today all the boys are going to find out about her.

Louis (L) Niall (N) Liam (Li) Zayn (Z) harry (H) ect.

why are u smiling so much ? ( L)

its nothing (h)

boii you better tell us (N)

damn Ni okay fine ill tell yall (harry)

okay so yall know how gemmas my sister right? will i have a twin sister

What?! (Lou,LI,Z,N,)

as i was telling the boys about Aria gemma came into the room asking me if i could go pick her up at the airport sure gemma ill go i said okay yall boy want to go too maybe yall can invite her to lunch gemma says

okay says everyone

when we got to the air port there she was my sister i wonder if she's still mad at me for not telling her i was in a band one way to find out.


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