Life changing...

One Direction who!? ... I don't thank Harry Styles ever talked about me will im his sister you might think im Gemma no that's not me my names Aria Marie Styles ever since I was 10 my mom sent me to boarding school and now that im 22 im going home with my family wish me luck!


2. ch2

Aria's p.o.v

   I have been waiting on Gemma for 30 min now she hasn't showed up might as will go in a taxi so far my day has been ad first gemma forgets me agh as i was walking I triped over a suit case that was infront of me oh god this is so imberssing but i opeaned my eyes and saw i didn't fall on the ground someone cought me he had brawn hair and gorgues eyes he was cute...

harry: Aria are u okay?

Aria: yea im fine harry ...wait harry !

harry: hey sis i missed you so much (harry and aria hug )

harry: hey i want u to meet my bestfriends there more like my brothers this is Niall , Liam, Louis, Zayn

at looked at everyone not nowing what to say niall was the one with blond hair liam was the  buff guy he looks so fucking hot Louis...Louis was the one cought me...and im pretty sure the one with black hair is zayn ...

A: hi im Aria Harolds little sister

Louis, Niall ,Liam, Zayn: hello nice to meet you

A: weres gemma i thought she  was picking me up ?

H: something came up but hey im here come on will take u to lunch sis


Louis p.o.v

we wore going back to the car talking to aria getting to know here shes pretty chill i got to admit shes funny and sarcastic i liked it were should we go to says harry how about Nados niall says Actully can we go get pizza? ive been craving it aria says every one looked at her shoked is she...pregnut ? Niall was the first one to speak up "whos the dad" he says arias eyes widen and what she said made everyone gasp .

 A: Niall honey its you your the babys dad don't you reminber you went to Spain 2 months ago

that was true Niall did go to spain 2 months ago did they ? no could they ?

Ni: what! how can u not tell me


N: i didn't know she  was your sister

Aria starts laughing everyone looking at her and niall what was going on this is rubbish harry looked at her and asked what was so funny until she said " hazza im playing im not pregnut but hey Ni thinks for playing along" everyone started laughing at harrys counfusion twords aria. Haha  i wanted to see what harry would say niall says

my phone starts to ring everyone looks at me Hello...yea...sure...what ever Brianna 

everything good lou  harry asks, will Brianna wantme to watch  friddy cuz apparently shes going to france and dosent want any disttruction don't worry mate will help out and so will gigi zayn says. wait yall are leaving? aria asks. yea but  you can come with us to L.A u can stay with me harry say sure why not says aria i don't know  why but i was happy she was going.

Aria's p.o.v

He has a kid? is he married to the mom? why am I thinking this its not like I like him do I ? nah I don't think so why would anyone like someone like me :( one thing about that no one know 2 years back I was going out with Luke he was an amazing boyfriend day he came home ( yes we lived together ) and started telling me I was worthless  and beat me up. Aria Aria?! what sorry what are u thinking about asks harry nothing I say lied to him.   


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