Too Far

"In your bed or in your car... On the Earth or up in the stars... I want to be where you are... Even if that means going too far..."


4. Reunited with mother.

                Ashton's point of view

        I listen to the radio as I drive with one hand on the wheel while the other one runs through my rather long locks of hair. The next song that comes on is Maria Maria by Santana which causes me to furrow my brows and instantly change the station. I hate it when weird shit like that happens. It makes me feel like me and Maria will come in contact again in the near future. But I'm going to stay away from her as much as I can from now on so there won't be a way that we cross paths again... Right?

        I pull up to mom's house. I turn off the car but stay in it for a moment. I sigh, not wanting to be needy of my mom all over again but I don't really have any other choice. She sheltered me all throughout my childhood and now I'm back again but as a grown man. How pathetic. I really should be able to provide for myself by now but not everything works out as planned or expected.

        I finally get out of the car and get my stuff. I then walk up to the front door, feeling lame as ever. I knock and wait a few moments before seeing the familiar face of my mother. Her piercing blue eyes couldn't help but to light up with joy as she sees me.

"Ashton! Long time no see, son! What brings you around?" She asks before noticing all of my stuff I'm carrying.
"Oh... Never mind... I see that you just need a place to stay..." She says.
"Thats not entirely true... I missed you and wanted to see you too..." I smile faintly.
"Oh you don't have to lie to try to make me feel better, honey." She says.
"I'm not-" I start.
"Save it. Just come on in." She says, walking into the living room, motioning for me to follow.

        I follow then put my stuff down, and let out a sigh of relief for being granted access to stay here. 

"Have a seat, sweetie. Lets catch up a bit." She says as she sits down.
"Okay, good idea." I say as I sit as well.
"So, your brother and sister are doing fantastic. Meanwhile I haven't heard from your father or ex step father which I don't want to." She shrugs contently.
"I'm glad Harry and Lauren are doing good... And I'm glad that you're fine without those deadbeats." I say.
"So am I. But tell me about you and Maria. What happened between you two?" She asks.
"We broke up... Theres not that much to it." I shrug.
"Sure there is. Why'd you two call it quits?" She interrogates.
"Theres another girl... Thats all." I say.
"What!? Are you trying to say that you cheated on poor Maria!? I thought I raised you to be loyal and fair! Not some awful cheater! You know how I feel about cheaters, Ashton!" She exclaims.
"Damn! Don't get all worked up for nothing like Maria did, ma! I didn't cheat! I only flirted a tiny bit with the other chick! Thats all." I say.
"Oh... Well then I guess thats okay. So, tell me about this new girl." She says, back to being chill.

        Oh, shit. Alright, Ashton. Make sure you don't spill that Yvonne is an ex prostitute. Especially considering the fact that dad and my step dad both cheated on mom with prostitutes...

"Uh... Well, Her name is Yvonne... She's kind of short... She has cosmetology knowledge which is always cool and handy... She has brown hair and a good sense of humor..." I list as I think of the beautiful girl who I'm falling hard for.
"She sounds lovely. When do I get to meet her?" She asks.
"I have no clue... I just met her today so I'd hate for it to be weird and have her meet you so soon..." I admit.
"Weird? I think it'd be a great idea! You know how I'm good at reading people so I can tell you if she's actually worth your while or not. And the sooner I meet her, the better." She says, persuasively.
"I guess thats true..." I say.
"Yup. So make sure you talk to her soon to make plans for that to happen as soon as possible."
"Yes, ma'am." I say.

                Yvonne's point of view

        After a couple of weeks of chilling with Ashton, working, and just having a hooker-free life, he suggests that I meet his mom. I gladly agree to the suggestion. Of course I would love to meet the lovely lady who popped out such a handsome son who's now my boyfriend!

        The night of the dinner at his mom's place, I realize that I didn't pick out anything to wear yet! Damn, I guess I've been so caught up with work that I couldn't find the time to be fashionable for tonight. Well, at least I'm a hard worker. 

"Elizabeth!" I call out.
"Whats up!?" She answers.
"Help!" I shout.
"Whats wrong!?" She asks, worry in her voice as she makes her way to me as I stare at my clothes not knowing what to wear.
"Oh... I see your problem now." She says.
"Good. Now help me pick something, quick! Ashton should be here soon!" I say.
"Okay, okay. I got this." She says calmly and cooly before searching through my clothes to form the perfect mother meeting outfit.

        In the meanwhile, I go take a quick shower then do my hair. When I return, Elizabeth has something fabulous picked out for me which isn't a surprise. She always puts something great together when I need her to.

"So I'ma be pretty in pink tonight, eh? Nice." I say before I throw on some light pink eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

        I then drop my towel purposely to put get dressed.

"Damn, man! Thanks for the warning!" Elizabeth exclaims as she covers her eyes.
"Babe, did Yvonne get naked in front of you again?" Michael hollers from the living room.
"Yep!" She replies.
"Nice." He chuckles.
"Not really!" She says.
"Aye! Whats that supposed to mean!? You don't like my bod!?" I ask as I approach her, shimmying my bare chest.
"Ahh! No comment! Just get away from me, you sick freak!" She squeals and laughs as she runs away from me and back to Michael.
"Wow! Why you gotta be so harsh!?" I giggle before continuing to get dressed.

        Once I'm all set, I walk out into the living room to see Elizabeth straddling Michael as they make out. Thats very typical around here. 

"Well, I know what you two will be doing while I'm gone." I wink as I hip thrust a couple times
"Hell yeah you do." Mike says, winking back and hip thrusting too, causing Elizabeth to move up and down with his body.
I giggle before saying "I'll see you guys later."
"Byee." They say together.

        I then walk out. The first thing I see when I set foot outside is my Ashton who is leaning against the hood of his car, waiting for me. Seeing him like this causes me to smile. I run over to him and give him a huge hug.

"Hey, you." He smiles, hugging back.
"Hi." I giggle, not letting go of him.
"You look beautiful." He says sweetly.
"Thanks, so do you." I smile.
"Thanks, babe." He chuckles.
"No problem, baby." I say before getting into the passenger seat.

        He then gets into the drivers seat before heading back to his mom's place. And I must say that I am kind of nervous...

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