Too Far

"In your bed or in your car... On the Earth or up in the stars... I want to be where you are... Even if that means going too far..."


3. Planning new beginnings.

                Yvonne's point of view

        Once I'm finally done explaining how my night went down, my audience explodes with comments.

"My god!" Luke exclaims.
"That's insane!" Calum exclaims.
"I knew you could never trust that pimp of yours! They're all bad news! Good thing you're done with him now." Elizabeth says.
"I think you need a bodyguard! Or else you really shouldn't leave the house anymore, that'd be the safest rule to follow!" Michael suggests.
"I think so too, Mike. But I can't actually get a bodyguard or stay in all the time. I quit so I could go out and get an actual job... You know... Live a normal life like you guys." I say.
"Point taken. But where exactly would you like to work?" He asks.
"Ooh! I think she should work at that Lotus Salon place!" Elizabeth shouts out.
"You took the words right out of my mouth." I say.
"Good because I think that salon is the perfect place for you. I would know because I go there to get my hair dyed." Mike chuckles.
"Which I don't understand why since I could just do it for you here at home with some dye from Walmart or somewhere like that." Elizabeth says with her arms crossed.
"Well, hey. Just because you can cut bangs doesn't mean you can dye hair. Okay, babe?" He says.
"Okay. But I'm just tryna say that if I dye your hair at least once, we'd be that much cuter of a couple. Just imagine; a picture of me dying it on instagram. It'd be a kawaii overload." She says.
"Totally." He says as he playfully rolls his eyes.
"Liz, do you need an intervention for being addicted to social network medias?" Cal asks.
"No..." Liz says, sounding unsure.
"Are you sure?" He asks.
"Yes..." She says, still sounding unsure.
"Hm... I don't think you are." He says.
"Well I am!" She exclaims as she playfully attacks his cheeks by pinching them causing him to squeal.
"Lizzy! Let go!" He pleads, chuckling.
"Never!" She laughs maniacally.
"Please!?" He pleads once more.
"Nope!" She says stubbornly.
"You know what? I'll save you, Cal!" Luke exclaims and begins tickling Elizabeth causing her to finally let go of Cal's cheeks.
"Ugh! Why, Lucas, why!? I love the cheeks and I just wanted to caress them in between my fingers for a bit longer!" Liz laughs.
"Well, why don't ya do that to your boyfriend's cheeks hm!? Shouldn't you love your boyfriend's cheeks more than Cal's!?" He interrogates as he continues to tickle her.
"I do! I do love Michael's cheeks more than Cal's!" She giggles.
"Then why don't you prove it, huh!?" He questions.
"I would but you're too busy tickling me so I kind of can't, blondie!" She says.
"Oh... Touche." He says as he finally stops tickling her. "Now go show those neglected cheeks some love!" He says as he pushes her into Mike's direction.
"Fine!" She says before kissing all over Mike's cheeks and eventually face.
"Ew, get a room." I giggle.
"We'll pass on that." Liz winks.
"Alright. Then I'll just leave to go to another room. Like the kitchen for example because I'm hungry as shit." I say as I take Ash's arm, dragging him to the kitchen with me.
"Jackpot!" I exclaim as I see that theres a box of pizza on the counter.

        I take a a slice without hesitation and without using a plate and take a bite. Pizza is literally the official food of this house hold which is me and Mike's fault. Its just that we can't stay away from it since its so mother fuckin' good!    

"Ash, don't be shy. Have some." I say.
"Okay, thanks." He says before taking a slice and a bite too.
"No problem." I mumble with a mouth full.
"So... Mike, Luke, and Cal play instruments. It looks like they could be a band if they just got a drummer..." He says, hinting something.
"But you're not a drummer, Ash. You're an upside down bucket player." I joke.
"Not for long! I'm close to having enough money to buy drums so take that!" He laughs.
"Well, shit! Good for you, man! You makin' me proud already!" I say.
"You're making me proud already too, Ms. Future Lotus Salon Employee." He smiles.
"Well, yanno. I try." I smile back.
"I can tell." He says before finishing his pizza and checking the time.
"Well... I should be getting back home to my lovely Maria right about now..." He says, sounding rather awkward.
"Ah, of course..." I nod, not wanting him to leave.
"Thanks for introducing me to your friends and for sharing your pizza with me." He says.
"My pleasure. Thank you for saving me and giving me a ride and all that." I say.
"Anytime." He smiles.
"Want my number?" I ask.
"Absolutely." He replies, taking his phone out, unlocking it then handing it to me.
"Sweet." I say as I add myself as a contact.

        I then hand his phone back to him and lead him back to Mike, Liz, Luke, and Cal so they can say their goodbyes before I walk him to the door.

"Good luck with Maria." I say, leaning against the door frame cooly.
"Thanks. I'll one hundred percent need it." He says.
"Trust me, I know." I side smile very faintly.
"Who doesn't?" He says.
"Good question." I reply.
"See ya, Yvonne." He chuckles faintly as he walks to his car.

        I watch him and can't wait until we meet again already. I must say that I have feelings for him. I mean, how could I not? He is my savior.

                Ashton's point of view

        I get into my old piece of shit car that I've grown to love and begin to drive home to Maria.

        I really hope that she's chill now. Wait? What am I talking about? She's never chill so whats the point of hoping that she is? Maybe she's such a bitch all the time because I'm not that much of a thoughtful boyfriend to her.

        I don't ever do anything nice for her like randomly get her flowers or chocolate. Should I try doing that now? But it seems so cliche... Whatever. I choose being cliche over being an ignorant boyfriend this time.

        I pull into a Walgreens, hop out of my car, and go in. I go straight to the flowers. As I look at them, I realize that they're kind of stupid. So I move on to the chocolate. Yeah, chocolate is much better. I grab two decent sized boxes before going to the checkout and paying for them. I walk out of the store and back to my car, getting in and continuing my journey back home.

        Once I reach my destination, I get out of my car and enter our apartment building. I walk up the stairs to our floor, hearing loud music and smell food thats being cooked coming from some other apartments. Once I reach ours, I notice a big pile of things out side of the door. The things belong to me.

        I unlock our door with my key to find Maria sitting on the couch with her glasses on, correcting work since she's a spanish teacher. She looks up at me which instantly turns into a glare of course. 

"What the hell are you doing back in here!? You were supposed to grab your shit then leave without bothering me!" She shouts.
"Baby, you really thought that I'd leave without talking about this?" I say.
"Yes because it was easy enough for you to leave with that little whore you had here earlier!" She yells.

        The only reason why I'm about to try to mend our relationship is because I'm not quite ready to be a loser and go live with my mom yet. Plus, Maria has some good pussy if I do say so myself.

"Babe, that was nothing earlier! I wish you'd just forget about it and give me some love instead of shouting at me constantly!" I say.
"I give you enough god damn love by letting you live off of me like a fucking leach! Why don't you get an actual job instead of being a little street performer, huh!? I'm sick of being the provider who gets nothing good in return!" She spills.
"... Well... I got you chocolate..." I mumble, holding the chocolate out to her.
"Why!? to make me fat!? I DON'T WANT YOUR CHOCOLATE! I JUST WANT YOUR KEY BACK SO YOU CAN'T GET IN HERE ANYMORE!" She says before snatching the key from me.
"NOW I DON'T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU ANYMORE! JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE ALREADY, ASHTON!" She screams, standing up and pointing to the door, causing my eyes to widen.

        Even though I don't love her a lot anymore, that still hurt...

"Ouch... Come on, babe... You don't mean that... You know you love me... You seem stressed so do you want to work this out physically instead of verbally...?" I suggest, placing my hands on her hips and softly kiss her neck, trying to relax her.
"... Of course I don't..." She mumbles, sounding unsure.
"Hm... Well, I think you do..." I say, slipping her shirt off before laying her down on the couch.

        I kiss her neck and down to her cleavage as I slip my hand in her leggings. I begin to rub her clit through her panties. I hear her moan softly.

"You like that, baby? You want me to stay now, don't you?" I say, wanting to remove her bra.
She shakes her head. "No... I still want you to leave..." She moans since I'm still rubbing her.

        I finally stop and take my hand out of her pants, beyond done with her bullshit.

"Wow. Alright, fine. I'll see you around then." I say, shaking my head as I get up and head back to the door.

        Maria is surprisingly silent as she puts her shirt back on and watches me leave. I can't help but to slam the door behind me. I then surprisingly pick up all of my stuff and bring it to my car all in one trip. Great, it looks like I'm off to mother's house...

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