Too Far

"In your bed or in your car... On the Earth or up in the stars... I want to be where you are... Even if that means going too far..."


2. Nice to meet you, where you been?

                Yvonne's point of view


        I slowly wake up to find myself in a unfamiliar place. My eyes are squinted as I look around. I look down to see what I'm laying on and I see that it's a couch. I seem to be in a pretty small apartment. It's not too shabby.


        I'm dying to know who it belongs to... I hear footsteps coming around a corner before a guy enters the room with the same face as the upside down bucket player at the boardwalk and with the same Australian accent I heard yelling at Liam earlier.


"Oh, you're up." He says causing me to I nod.


        So this must be his apartment...? But... What am I doing in it? Why'd he help me and take me in when I've stolen from him before? Is he really that kind hearted and forgiving? If he is, I'm in luck.


"Sorry. This must be really weird and awkward. I saved you from that guy at the boardwalk then I take you back to my place while you're unconscious. Wow, you must think I'm just as bad as that other guy." He awkwardly chuckles a bit.

"It'll only be awkward if you don't tell me a good reason why you took me here." I say.

"Well, you didn't seem stable enough to get home on your own... I mean, go look at yourself..." He says as he points to the bathroom.


        I get up and go into the bathroom and look in the mirror to see bruises on my neck from Liam choking me.


"Jesus..." I sigh.

"Yeah... Ice always helps... Want some?" He asks.


        I nod, not taking my eyes off the mirror.


"Alright..." He says before he goes to the freezer.


        After staring at myself for a few more moments, I decide to follow my savior to the kitchen.


"So... May I ask for your name, stranger?" I ask him.

"I'm Ashton... Ashton Irwin. Can I know your name too so I don't have to remember you by the abused chick who stole my money that one time?" He asks.

"Of course. I'm Yvonne." I say as I hold out my dainty hand.

"Hm. Pretty name for a pretty girl. It's Nice to officially meet you." He says and holds out his hand as well.


        We shake hands and I smile a little.


"Thanks, it's nice to officially meet you too. I was wondering when this moment would happen." I say.

"Really...?" He asks.

"Nah, I'm just fucking with ya. I don't randomly wonder when I'm going to meet people I see around town." I say with a little laugh.

"Oh. Well then." He pouts then chuckles as he hands me a bag of ice with a paper towel wrapped around it.


       I put it against my bruised neck.


"Thanks, Ash." I smile.

"No problem. And you're already calling me by my nickname, eh?" He says.

"Yeah. Gotta problem with that?" I say.

"Oh. Of course not, Vonne." He chuckles.

"Vonne? That doesn't sound right. You should've just called me babe or something like that instead." I shrug.

"Take me out on a date first then I might." He flirts, taking a step closer to me.

"Hm... Maybe I will..." I flirt back, not afraid to get closer either.


        Then suddenly someone enters the front door then into the kitchen where Ash and I are quite close to each other.


"Ashton? Who the hell is this?" A chick with dark eyes and medium long brown hair asks while giving me a dirty look.

"Maria, baby... Welcome home... How are you, my love?" Ash asks, avoiding her question as he moves away from me and over to her.

"I'm pissed. And I'll be even more pissed if you don't tell me right now who this hooker looking ass chick is." She says, referring to me of course.

"That's Yvonne, she's a friend. What else would she be, babe?" He says.

"I don't know. Maybe some bitch you'd cheat on me with." She says.

"What makes you say that?" He says.

"Obviously how close you two were when I walked in!" She hollers.

"That? That was nothing... You're getting all worked up for no reason, babe..." He says.

"Yeah, lets hope its for no reason." She says as she glares into his eyes before walking away to get settled in from I'm guessing work.


        As she struts away and around I hear her muttering spanish words under her breath, probably spanish profanities knowing how bothered she is by Ash and I.


"Sorry about her..." Ash mumbles to me.

"Don't be..." I mumble.

"Damn straight he shouldn't be saying sorry about me! I have the right to be pissed, you little skank!" Maria buds in from nowhere.

"Maria!" Ash exclaims, shocked from her name calling towards me.

"Why are you calling me a skank when you don't even know me?" I say, not shocked from the insult.

"Because your outfit is screaming skank! And you're right! I don't know you! And I don't want to! So why don't you get the hell out!" She shouts.

"Your wish is my command, princess..." I mutter.

"Good!" She yells.


        My phone then rings. I go back to the couch where my clutch is and take out my phone and answer it.


"Hello...?" I say.

"Dude, where the hell are you? Does it really take you that long to quit being a hooker? I'm a bit worried, talk to me." Elizabeth rambles.

"Um... Long story..." I say.

"It's always a long story with you and I never seem to mind so go ahead." She says, eager to listen.

"Can't I just tell you when I get home?" I ask.

"Ugh. Fine. But the suspense will kill me until you get here so hurry." She says.

"I'll try to." I say.

"You better." She says.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I say, ready to hang up.

"Aye, don't 'yeah, yeah, yeah.' me." She says.

"I just did." I say.

"Well don't you dare do it again, you little shit." She says causing me to giggle quite faintly.

"Okay, mom. Bye now." I say.

"Peace out, my nigga." She says before hanging up.


        I go back to Ashton.


"Well, I'm not wanted here but I'm wanted at home so I'll be going now." I say to him.


        He nods.


"Need a ride?" He asks generously.

"Yeah, that'd be nice." I say.

"Wow, Ash! You're too kind! I'm so lucky to have you as my boyfriend! Just kidding! You might as well as be dating this Yvonne chick now!" Maria exclaims.

"Will you cool it?" He says.

"Well, you're making it really hard for me to so I don't know if I will!" She says.

"Whatever." He says, rolling his eyes.


        He then grabs his car keys and leads me out of the apartment and out to the parking lot.


        Going outside makes me wonder and worry what if I run into Liam somewhere? What would I do? What would he do? What if he has people after me? Will they almost kill me like he did or will they actually do it? Wow... I've never been this paranoid and scared before...


        We get into his crappy little car that I can't help but to enjoy. We head off and I tell him the directions to Elizabeth and Michael's place.


"So, you have a real nice girlfriend." I sarcastically say.

"Yeah, tell me about it." He says sarcastically as well.

"No but seriously. Why do I have a feeling that she's always something like that?" I ask.

"Because she is." He says.

"Really?" I ask.

"Sadly, yes. But she wasn't always such a bitch. When we first starting going out she was sweet and everything was good. But you know how somethings just go down hill naturally..." He says.

"Boy, do I..." I say.

"Yeah... But me and her are probably going to break up real soon... And whenever that may be, I'll be homeless since its her apartment, not mine. Maybe I'll live in this car... Or move back in with my mom... Wow, I must sound like such a loser..." He says.

"No you don't. You sound like me, but better. At least you have a car and a mom who'd be willing to take you back in." I say.

"Well, when you put it like that, I guess you're right." He cracks a smile.

"I know I am." I smile as we arrive to our destination.


        I notice that Luke and Calum's cars are here. Yay, friends are here!


"Want to meet my people?" I ask.

"I don't see why not." He says.

"Sweet." I say, getting out of the car.


        Ash does the same before I lead him into the house.


"At last, she's back!" Elizabeth exclaims as she sees me.

"Yes I am. And I brought a friend. This is Ashton." I say, pointing to him.

"Hiya, Ashton. I'm Elizabeth. Pleased to meet ya." She says, shaking his hand full of energy.

"Pleased to meet you as well, madam." He says, shaking her hand back but much calmer than she is.


        Calum looks up from his bass as Michael and Luke look up from their guitars to get a look at Ashton.


"Ash, thats Calum." Elizabeth says, pointing to Cal. "Thats Luke." She says, pointing to Luke. "And last but certainly not least, thats Michael. My wonderful boyfriend." She says, pointing to Mikey before skipping over to him and pecking his lips.


        Ash just waves at them with a happy face on as he tries to take in all of the new names. Luke, Calum, and Mike do the same back.


        I then feel eyes on me, specifically on my bruised neck.


"Oh, my fuck- What the hell happened to your neck!?" Elizabeth exclaims.

"Oh, yeah... I should probably tell you guys about that long story now, hm...?" I say.

"Yeah!" Elizabeth, Mike, Cal, and Luke shout.

"Alright... Well, here it goes..." I say before telling them all about my crazy ass night.

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