Too Far

"In your bed or in your car... On the Earth or up in the stars... I want to be where you are... Even if that means going too far..."


7. Love is pain.

                Ashton's point of view

        The next song is Jaded. Liz and Luke jump around like punk rockers do at their favorite concert for the whole rather short song. They're pretty dedicated 'dancers' especially when they're together...

        After a couple of more songs, Somewhere Over The Rainbow comes on. Liz is tired of dancing for now so she plops down in a chair. She gazes at the fire as she listens to the peaceful song. Her eyes begin to water since she's a rather emotional drunk.

"Man, this is such a good song." She mumbles.
"Yeah, it is."  Calum nods contently.
"It makes me kinda sad though." She says.
"I noticed." He chuckles.
"Well then don't chuckle at my pain!" She says.
"What pain? Some teary eyes for a few seconds? You're fine, kid!" He chuckles some more.
"Eh... You're probably right." She crosses her arms and shrugs.
"I know I am." He smiles.
"Well since I'm supposedly fine I'll dance some more." She says, getting up as the next song comes on.

        The song is Fever now. Liz dances to almost the whole song since she had a dance recital to this song when she was a kid and remembers most of it.

        Next is Birthday which only the girls jam out to. Its not really apart of me and the guys liking to be honest. Then, Thinking Out Loud comes on causing Liz to scream with joy.

"Mikey, baby, dance with me!" She exclaims.
"I don't feel like it." He groans, glancing at her with his glassy eyes.
"You never want to do anything I want to do the easy way, right?" She says.
"It seems that way." He shrugs, taking a sip of his beer.
"Elizabeth, you know I'll dance with you. Forget about Mike." Luke buds in.
"Will do." She smiles at Luke.
"Ya well have fun dancing with the giraffe some more." Mike says, shooing them away.
"I will!" She exclaims before skipping away with Luke and dancing with him yet again.

Minutes pass before Mike says "Yvonne, take a walk with me?"
"Sure." She nods as she gets up.

        He gets up as well before they walk down to the water. They walk with their feet in the water. They end up walking so far that I can barely see them anymore. I just chat with Calum as I wait for their return.

                Yvonne's point of view

"So why'd you want me to come on this walk?" I ask curiously.
"Well, I'd hate walk along the beach all by myself." He answers.
"Why didn't you bring Liz instead then?" I ask.
"She's busy dancing with Luke of course. Plus, I always walk and do everything with her." He says.
"I guess thats true." I say.
"It one hundred percent is. But anyways, I also wanted to talk to you about something that I'd never be able to talk about with them in front of us." He mumbles.
"Ooh, what? Are you gonna let me in on a cool secret?" I giggle.
"Uh... You could call it that if you wanted to I guess..." He says.
"Then tell me already." I say eagerly.
"Well... It'd be so much easier to show you first..." He mumbles.
"Wait. What do you mea-" I get out before he roughly smashes his drunken lips against mine and grabbing my ass.
"So... I've been thinking for a while that since you used to be a hooker, you must have much more experience than Liz has... And I've been dying to see and feel what you could do to me..." He mumbles against my buzzed lips. 

        I pull away a bit to look at him. I look into his glassy eyes as if he's crazy before pushing him onto the sand. I put my hands on my hips and look down at him.

"I am awfully flattered at that... And I'll gladly try and please you in ways Liz hasn't been able to yet..." I smirk before straddling him.
"Oh, sweet. For a minute I thought you were rejecting me." He says sounding relieved.
"How could I ever reject my generous and sexy room mate?" I say, slowly starting to grind on him.
"Good question." He says before softly biting his lip which I interrupt by kissing him.

                Elizabeth's point of view

"Where'd Mikey and Vonne disappear to?" I ask Ash and Cal.
"They took a walk down there." Cal answers, pointing in the direction they went.
"Want to go stalk them?" Luke asks as he offers me a piggy back ride.
"Hell yeah I do." I say, hopping onto his back. He then starts walking us in the direction Mike and Vonne are in.

                Ash's point of view.

"Can I let you in on a secret?" Cal asks me.
"Of course." I reply.
"You can't say anything to anyone though." He says.
"Got it." I say.
"Okay... So, Luke likes Elizabeth... A lot." He tells me.
"Wow, I couldn't tell." I playfully roll my eyes.
"I know its been pretty obvious tonight but he's had really strong feelings for her way before you came into the picture, dude. He said that if Mikey ever does anything to hurt her, he'll hate him and be there for her hard core." He spills to me before sipping his beer.
"Oh, thats nice of him I guess." I say, approving of Luke's protection over Elizabeth.
"I know right. But I can't help but to feel kind of bad for him. You know, since he's kind of sitting back watching the oblivious love of his life adore some other guy." He says.
"Yeah, I'd almost hate to be him. He makes me feel really lucky to be with the chick I love." I smile causing him to nod and smile back.

                Elizabeth's point of view

"Ugh. Are we almost there yet?" I ask Luke as I rest my head on his shoulder.
"Idunno. But why does it sound like you're complainingly when you don't have someone on your back?" He says.
"What are you tryna say, punk? Am I heavy or something?" I question.
"No, you're perfect." He says.
"Awe, Lukey." I gush causing him to smile rather shyly at the sand.
He looks up and off into the distancing before saying "Hey! I think I see them! It looks like they decided to take a nap or something though."
"Yeah Michael most likely is napping considering how much he smoked and drank. Lets go wake that stoner up and quick!" I giggle as I give Luke's bum a smack which makes him go from walking to running as if he's a horse.

        We then get close enough to see everything that they're doing but they don't notice us quite yet. Because why would you notice your girlfriend and room mate when you're fucking someone who you're not supposed to be! What the fucking hell! I get off of Luke's back slowly and sadly, questioning if this a nightmare or not. I slowly begin to approach them.

"Wow, Yvonne... I didn't know you were that flexible... I really should have known that though considering YOU'RE A FUCKING WHORE!" I roar before starting to run towards them with my fists clenched, ready as ever to be violent.

        Michael just looks at me with his stupid glassy eyes, not knowing the gravity of the situation yet. Meanwhile, Yvonne surprisingly has a guilty look on her face.

        Michael exits Yvonne, gets up, and puts his trunks back on causally. Yvonne gets up and puts her bathing suit back on, frantically.

        Just as I'm about to swing at Yvonne for seeming to be my best friend this whole time then stabbing me in the back, Luke holds me back. I angrily squirm around in his arms. 

"Lucas! Let me go so I can kill her!" I shout.
"No! I'd hate for her to press charges against you or something." He says.
"A hooker pressing charges against ME!? That hooker needs to press charges against her self before she pulls that shit on me!" I yell, pointing to Yvonne.
"I'm not a hooker anymore!" She tries to argue.
"Oh yeah!? Then why were you just fucking my boyfriend!?" I scream.
"I... I-i don't know! I'm sorry! He just... He wanted me to so for some crazy reason I did!" She spills. I then turn my glare to Michael.

"Oh! So I wasn't good enough for you in bed, huh!?" I exclaim. He ignores me and just gazes down at the sand, possibly feeling shame slowly take over him.

"ENGLISH!? DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND IT, DO YOU SPEAK IT!? NOW FUCKING ANSWER ME, YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING CHEATER!" I yell as I finally get out of Luke's grip and slap Michael which finally snaps him out of his gaze.
"Don't you slap me, you good for nothing girlfriend!" He exclaims, grabbing my wrists so I can't do it again. I did not expect this reaction from him.

"Ugh! Let go! And 'good for nothing girlfriend!?' more like good for nothing EX girlfriend! I can't fucking stand you anymore, Michael!" I shout as I squirm.
"'EX girlfriend?' Perfect! Because I can't fucking stand you anymore either, you fucking bitch!" He yells but I can tell that he's lying.
"You liar! You won't be able to live a day without me so why don't you just go on and make your way down to the ocean floor and drown while we're here! Kill yourself!" I exclaim.
"AFTER YOU, CUNT!" He shouts as I see the pain in his eyes since what I just said was so harsh.

        He then very violently pushes me down before walking past my body thats now filled with depressing and confusing thoughts. I watch him as he begins to walk away from all of us but just to get away from me.

        I realize that I could always forsake anybody I wanted but I can never ever stand being forsaken. I can leave him if I really needed to but I won't let him leave me. Right now, I'm not ready to say goodbye no matter the circumstances. The end of us is happening too soon and too fast.

        I really do love him more than anything. We were made for each other so I won't be able to be happy without him. Clearly, I am the one who won't be able to live a day without him. I realize from this point on, no matter what I say to him or about him, no matter how harsh it is, its not the truth. I'll be just a cover up so I don't seem weak and needy of him. But I already know that there will be times where I show my love for him because I will always love him...

        I crawl then jog after him since I already miss him.

He turns around and glares at me before saying "Why the fuck are you following me."  
Of course I'm lost for words so he says quoting me "'ENGLISH!? DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND IT, DO YOU SPEAK IT!? NOW FUCKING ANSWER ME!' ACTUALLY, DON'T ANSWER ME BECAUSE I CAN'T STAND YOUR VOICE! I WISH I COULD JUST FORGET IT ALREADY! I ACTUALLY WISH I COULD FORGET EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! ESPECIALLY THE TIME YOU TOLD ME TO KILL MYSELF! NOW GET AWAY!" He hollers but I don't listen. He then pushes me roughly away from him but this time I don't fall down into the sand.  
"FUCKING GO!" He yells.
"Oh, wow! There you go again! Putting your hands on me once again!" I exclaim.
"Well, yeah! You're fucking asking for it! Plus, you started it by slapping me first, dumb ass!" He shouts.
"Ah, so I see that you think its alright for you to touch me and get even. Then why don't you get real even then! Slap me like how I slapped you! Do it! You won't!" I taunt him which I'm sure I'll soon regret.
"Of course I'll do it! It'll be my fucking pleasure to!" He exclaims before slapping me which of course is much more powerful than when I slapped him.
"Oh, my god..." I mutter in disbelief as I hold my red stinging cheek.
"Holy shit... I'm so sorry, baby..." He says, hugging me.
"No... I don't care if you're sorry... You are just like Yvonne's 'ex' pimp! Going around fucking chicks and slapping them and shit! I think now its my turn to say 'FUCKING GO!' and 'NOW GET AWAY!' to you instead of vise versa!" I scream but he just continues to hug me and look guilty surprisingly.
"Quit touching me! I hate you! ... I swear to god I hate you!" I yell as I squirm.
"... Oh, my god... What am I saying!? I love you!" I sob, finally hugging him back, clumsily putting all of my weight on him, my extreme soft spot clearly showing for him now.
"... R-really? You still love me...?" He questions sweetly and softly.
"Of course I don't! After all you just put me through!? How could you even do any of that to me!?" I say through more sobs as I rip myself away from his embrace and run back to Ashton and Calum.
"Liz, whats the matter!? Did someone get eaten by a shark!?" Calum foolishly guesses.
"No, don't be stupid! Michael and Yvonne fucked! Ashton, they cheated on us!" I exclaim.
"Oh, no..." Calum says. Ashton remains silent but his face speaks a thousand hateful and depressing words. 

"Well... At least Luke can have his chance with Elizabeth now..." I catch Calum mumble to Ashton.
"Wait. What?" I ask.
"Luke loves you. Thats all there is to it." He answers plain and simple.

        I look back to Luke who's fighting Michael meanwhile Yvonne approaches me and says "Oh my god, Elizabeth! I am so sorry about everything! Is your cheek okay!? Wow, sorry. That was a stupid question. Of course your cheek isn't okay! He slapped you so hard!"
"Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. We don't need to hear a babbling slut go on about being 'sorry.'" I say coldly.
"Well said, Elizabeth." Ashton says before getting up and heading to his car to leave.
"Ashton, wait!" Yvonne calls as she follows him.
"Don't 'Ashton, wait!' me, okay? Why don't you just go save your poor Mikey Poo from Luke instead of trying to fix things with me. Face it, you and I were doomed from the start." He says.
"Michael doesn't need saving! You and I's relationship needs saving! We were not doomed from the start! I still believe in us!" She says.
"Well, I don't think I do." He shrugs cooly before getting in his car and getting the hell out of this god forsaken beach which is now filled with bad memories.

        A couple tears stream from her eyes as she watches him drive off. Meanwhile, I walk over to the brawling Luke and Michael.

"Guys, please stop already!" I exclaim causing Michael to stop but Luke continues to strike him.
"LUCAS!" I yell causing him to finally stop and look at me with his bright blue glassy eyes.
"What is it!?" He asks, clearly wanting to beat Michael more.
"So I heard that you love me. Is that true?" I ask.
"... Of course it is... How anybody not love you..." He answers shyly causing Michael to furrow his brows.
"Get up." I say command.

        He does what I ask. I then jump into his arms, wrapping legs around his waist and my arms around his neck before kissing him quite passionately. He kisses back even more passionately than I am as if he's been waiting his whole life for this moment.

"Well, I love you too." I mumble against his lips.

        Now, I don't know if I love him the same way he loves me yet. But I have to love how he beat up Michael for me. Luke is so good to me already so I'm sure I'll truly love him in no time.

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