She's a good girl and she's new but she has a big mouth. She has a secret that she can't share. He's a player he can seduce any girl to do what he wants but he's mama's boy. He also has a secret. Will she figure out his secret while he finds out hers. Will he protect her from upcoming danger or will he become the danger. Will she slowly fall for him or hate his gut forever. I mean I could just tell you right now what's gonna happen but what's the point. I mean like a blurb is like basically a summary and like I could just like summarize the whole story but then what's the fun out of that. Anyway what will happen when they find out they're hiding from the same thing.


24. Chapter twenty-four

Daily song:


Life of the party by Shawn Mendes


Niall. He was letting out a shaky breath. He let the gun drop and fell to his knees. Tears brimmed his and my eyes. Niall was so innocent and vulnerable. And he just killed someone I mean ya it's gonna haunt me and niall is like a little brother I've always wanted. Him getting hurt angers me and hurts me as much as it hurts him.


"I-I-I killed s-someone," niall said his face pale.


"Niall he was a bad guy probably wanted,'' I said voice cracking.


"But he must have had a family a wife children waiting for him to come home," niall cried.


"He didn't have anyone he wanted to kidnap people and torture them," Liam said.


"B-b-but still," niall yelled.


"Niall breath in and out breath," I instructed him.


He breathed in and out shakily calming down.


Liam stayed silent the whole time. Niall got up and untied us. I massaged my wrists and hugged niall. Liam massaged his wrists as well and popped everything he could. I scold at him. He then went up to niall and gave him a bro hug. I smiled.


I groaned waking up. I changed into some sweats and a hoodie. I made my way to the kitchen and made -Bekfast- breakfast.



I carefully stepped off my pennyboard. I put my penny board on my thing that I had on my backpack. I made my way inside. Everyone was staring at me. Did I have something on my teeth. I felt my teeth with my tongue. Nope nothing. Did I have an upcoming zit. I didn't see any this morning. Hmmmm. I turned around to see Liam and his arm around some girl who must have been a Barbie or something cuz she had way to much makeup on. I rolled my eyes and made my way to my locker. Beatrix stood there no no scratch that she was there kissing no eating Zayn face off. I cringed.


"Guys please I here," I whined.


Beatrix turned to me and detached her self from Zayn and blushed. I just smiled. I grabbed all my stuff for class.



I sat down by Beatrix and Zayn. I had pizza and chocolate cake on my plate. I am a growing woman and I need food.


"So Abby ya gonna eat that," niall asked his plate already empty.


"Yas and your not gonna eat it," I answered shielding my food.


Niall managed to forget about what happened. He thinks that it was all a dream and I'm gonna keep it that way. He pouted. Someone took my pizza. I turned around to see Liam taking a bite of my pizza. I growled.


I snatched my pizza back and punched him hard on his arm. He yelped and I smirked in victory.


"Dam are you on steroids or something," Liam said rubbing his fire arm.


My smirk fell when I saw there was someone on his lap. The girl I saw earlier today. I turned back to my food and ate in silence.


LUCAS: hey Abbs I'm back in town. I'll be down there to pick you up and thank the guy who took care if you.


Abbs: yay. Okay I'll pack my things up how much time?


LUCAS is typing


LUCAS: in 1 hour or so.




I set my phone down and grabbed my suitcases and duffle bag.




I heard a knock on the door. I ran to the door but Liam already beat me to it.


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