She's a good girl and she's new but she has a big mouth. She has a secret that she can't share. He's a player he can seduce any girl to do what he wants but he's mama's boy. He also has a secret. Will she figure out his secret while he finds out hers. Will he protect her from upcoming danger or will he become the danger. Will she slowly fall for him or hate his gut forever. I mean I could just tell you right now what's gonna happen but what's the point. I mean like a blurb is like basically a summary and like I could just like summarize the whole story but then what's the fun out of that. Anyway what will happen when they find out they're hiding from the same thing.


20. Chapter twenty

Daily song:


You don't own me by Grace (ft.G-eazy)


"Oh my god Yas were done," I yelled as I got into Liam's pickup.


"Can you please be louder Abby," Liam yelled annoyed.


"Old fart," I mumbled.


Liam started to reverse out of the parking lot.


"I can't believe I have to live with this with 2 months," he mumbled.


I gasped faking shocked. I gotta agree with him living with me is like living with 3 different people. 


"I'm not that bad Liam," I said in a fake cry.


He rolled his eyes and drove. I chuckled. This is gonna be so much fun.





"Uh Liam don't ya think we should get the stuff off the truck it looks like it's gonna rain," I said.


"Fine let's go," he groaned.





I placed the last sheet on my new bed. I plopped down and sighed. Finally a bed my back doesn't hutprt anymore. My eyes started to get heavy so I closed them and fell into deep slumber.





I felt the bed dip beside me and someone wrap their arms around me. I kicked the person who was beside me off my bed as an instinct. I then proceeded to scream. Seconds later a hand clapsed over my mouth.


"What the hell Abby its just me Liam," Liam said.


I took his hand off my mouth.


"What the hell you scared the shit out of me, and why did you come in my room," I whispered well actually yelled.


"I couldn't sleep and I need some sleep," he answered.


"So you came here with me to cuddle," I asked.


He hesitantly nodded.


"Seriously, Liam look I got my own bed you got yours and done we sleep in separate bed OK," I said.


"I'm not leaving," he answered laying down on my bed.


I let out Frustrated sigh and layed down facing away from him. I soon fell back to sleep with a frown on my face.





I woke up to someones bare chest. I panicked then realised what happened last night. I tried to get out of his grip but only to make him grip tighter. I sighed. I had an idea.


"Liam," I said seductively.


He groaned and brought my body close to his.


I then proceeded to run my hand down to feel his Abbs. He stired a bit. This calls for desperate measures. I move my hand down to the waistband of his boxers. He jolted awake letting me go.


"What where you doing," he asked terrified.


"Oh just trying to wake you up," I said innocently getting up.


I walked to my new cabinets and grabbed some clothes out. I walked into the bathroom and changed. I walked into my room to see Liam asleep again. I chuckled and decided I would make breakfast again. I made pancake mix and started to stir it. I felt someone grab my hips. I jumped and turned around. Liam. He inched his face closer to mine. My breath hitched. He chuckles.


"Don't worry babe I would never kiss you,"  he said grabbing something behind me.


I breathed out and continued to make pancakes.





I placed Liam's plate Infront of him. I poured sweetened condensed milk on my pancake. What can I say I'm proud of my mother's heritage.


" You just ruined your pancake Abby," Liam said watching me with discust.


"You ruined yours with jam," I answered.


He scoffed. I won yay.





I sat there in my room seeing how fast I can braid my hair. I can be pretty dumb but mostly curious at times. The boys and Beatrix were coming over so I had to convince liam. So let's get to work. 


"Hey Liam uh can my friends come over," I squeaked out closing my eyes preparing my self for him to scream at me.


"Sure they are my friends to," Liam said calmly.


I exhaled and there was a knock on the door.


A/N: hey peeps I am srry i didnt publish yesterday my family dragged me out if the house to go see a rodeo. I'm not much of a country peron but I am an animal person so I went. I hope you liked this chapter and thank you all for reading. I love you all. 😋😇😊


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