She's a good girl and she's new but she has a big mouth. She has a secret that she can't share. He's a player he can seduce any girl to do what he wants but he's mama's boy. He also has a secret. Will she figure out his secret while he finds out hers. Will he protect her from upcoming danger or will he become the danger. Will she slowly fall for him or hate his gut forever. I mean I could just tell you right now what's gonna happen but what's the point. I mean like a blurb is like basically a summary and like I could just like summarize the whole story but then what's the fun out of that. Anyway what will happen when they find out they're hiding from the same thing.


33. Chapter thirty-three

Daily song:


Into you by Ariana Grande


I stood there frozen as he walked away smirking. I collected my self and stomped back to the classroom and sat down by the girl. I smiled sweetly at her.


"I tried to fix it and I kinda did but just remember never go back to him he just wants you for pleasure, go find a man who loves you and waits for when your ready for it ok babe," I said sweetly..


she wiped away her tears and nodded. I pulled her into a hug. She awkwardly hugged back. I chuckled and stood up. I then heard someone clapping. I turned around to see Samantha. The girl I once hugged scurried out of the room.


"well well the school's hoe is now giving advice," She snarled.


"Uh babe you got it all wrong and your talking about your self, honey you need to be more proud of your existence, oh wait your a hoe you don't care,'' I snarled back. 


She took a step forward and slapped me hard. I turned to look her in the eyes smirking. She screamed and stomped off. My smile dropped and i sat down on my desk. All my squad came in, they stopped talking once they saw me. I soon was engulfed in hugs. This is the reason I love them. I chuckled.




"The hoe happened," I said coldly.


"Oh that bitch, oh and I saw you and Liam what's going on between you two," Ashley asked.


"I told him girls aren't objects," I stated.


"You go girl, and I have to tell you something when you get back home P.S I'm coming with you to your house,'' Ashley whispered.


I chuckled and nodded.


"so what have I missed," I asked them.


"Alot," Louis said.


"Then summarize it," I said.





"WOW," I breathed.


"so he's been sex with all the girls and not even hooking up with them," I said.


"Ya kinda and ever since you left his house," Zayn said.


" So the little manwhore has a crush huh," Louis said stroking his chin.


"Only one way to prove it," Louis said.


"Any body know someone we can use as bait," Louis shouted.


I shook my head at Louis and laughed. I got up and out of my seat.



A/N: Hey babes I actually Updated today. YAY. Ok so I might not have an actual publish schedule and I might just update randomly. I hope you liked this chapter and love you babes.





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