She's a good girl and she's new but she has a big mouth. She has a secret that she can't share. He's a player he can seduce any girl to do what he wants but he's mama's boy. He also has a secret. Will she figure out his secret while he finds out hers. Will he protect her from upcoming danger or will he become the danger. Will she slowly fall for him or hate his gut forever. I mean I could just tell you right now what's gonna happen but what's the point. I mean like a blurb is like basically a summary and like I could just like summarize the whole story but then what's the fun out of that. Anyway what will happen when they find out they're hiding from the same thing.


13. Chapter thirteen

Daily song:


Flexicution by logic


"Bye see you guys tomorrow at school love you," I yelled exiting Beatrix's house.


"Bye," they all yelled in unison.


I got on my penny board and went home. I have an hour to get ready before I have to go to the fight. I took a quick shower and changed into blue basket ball shorts and a grey sports bra. I grabbed my grey jacket and left my house to the underground gym.


"Oh god I thought you wouldn't come," Oliver said.


I set my penny board down and put my hair in a ponytail.


"Well Oliver I can't miss a fight like this," I said.


He chuckled.


"Now we present to you Lola the undefeated boxer," the announcer yelled.


"Go out there kid beat her up for up me," Oliver yelled as I got up an the ring.


"And now Gabriella," the announcer yelled again.


Liam P.O.V


I gotta say that Lola chick looks really familiar and hot. Probably another chick I banged and forgot about. I sat down to watch this Lola chick fight. They circled around each other for a couple seconds until the other chick threw a punch at her but lola Dodged it. Lola threw a couple of punches at the other chicks gut. The other chick doubled over in pain.


"Liam," someone said.


"What do you want," I yelled turning around.


"Geez I only asked you to moved a seat down," Paul said.


I heard the bell indicating that someone had tapped out meaning someone won. I turned around to see the referee holding Lola's hand.


Dang she tapped her out quick. Wait she looks alot like Abby. Holy shit is that Abby.


Abby's P.O.V


"Holy shit I won yass," I squealed.


He hugged me.


"Hey I'm going to the club wanna come," he asked.


"Nah I'm good but can you drive me home," I said.


"Sure come on let's go," he said.


I got in his car and waited until he got to my house. I got off his car.


"Dont get to drunk, I won't be there for you," I yelled.


"I know bye," he yelled.


I chuckled.


I stripped down and took another shower. I put on my knickers and bra I then slid on a large T-shirt. I plopped down on my bed and fell asleep.


***Skip to morning***


I groaned not wanting to get up. My phone started ringing. I groaned picking it up.


"Hello,"I said.


"Hey Abby omg you have such a hot morning voice like wow anyway i just called to tell you good morning," said bubbly Beatrix.


" Oh my god Beatrix it's early," I groaned.


"Oh what ever I love you bye," Beatrix yelled.


I cringed ending the phone call. I got up and changed I to an adidas sweatshirt, white leggings, and my white adidas shoes. I trotted downstairs passing my sober mom and got on my penny board and left towards school.


A/N: hello fellow citizens. Jk OK so hey I had such I fun time camping like we saw so many dear it was so much fun. I didn't update over there cuz I forgot my tablet and well ya. I hope you liked this chapter. Love you all and thanks to all the people who liked and favorited this story.😋😇😘😁😝


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