She's a good girl and she's new but she has a big mouth. She has a secret that she can't share. He's a player he can seduce any girl to do what he wants but he's mama's boy. He also has a secret. Will she figure out his secret while he finds out hers. Will he protect her from upcoming danger or will he become the danger. Will she slowly fall for him or hate his gut forever. I mean I could just tell you right now what's gonna happen but what's the point. I mean like a blurb is like basically a summary and like I could just like summarize the whole story but then what's the fun out of that. Anyway what will happen when they find out they're hiding from the same thing.


5. Chapter five

Liam smashed his lips on mine. I was shocked at first but soon our lips moved in sync. He started pushing records the wall. My back soon touched the wall making me moan. My hand traveled up to his hair pulling it slightly making him moan. Liam licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I broke the kiss not wanting it to go further and blushed.


"I got to go back to my friends and see you at dinner,love," Liam said leaving.


WTF. We kissed and it meant nothing to him . But his lips wereso soft and plump. Ughhhhhhh. I'm going to the gym.


Liam's P.O.V


Jesus I need to control myself. She's so toned though. I had to ruin the kiss by just leaving.


"Liam what took you so long, did you go fuck someone as in the neighbor," niall said.


"No," I replied bluntly.


"Wow Liam not making out or fucking someone wow," said Harry.


"Shut the fuck up OK," I said.


"Woooooooooo you have a crush on the neighbor oh what's her name right it was Abby," Louis teased.


"I don't have a crush on her," I said


"Oh so you won't mind if we go talk to her or even ask her to hang out with us," Harry questioned.


"Nope," I said.


"Come on mates let's go make Liam jealous," Zayn said.


Once they left I looked out the window it looks like she came back from the gym. Wow look at her ass. Oh god I think I got a boner. I need to get rid of it before the boys come back.


Abby's P.O.V


"Hello my name is Louis what's yours love," a boy approaching me asked.


"My name is Abigail or Abby for short," I said.


" These are my mates niall, Harry, and Zayn," Louis said.


" Hello," I said waving at them.


I speaked with them until they had to leave. I took a shower and changed into a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top. I ran down stairs to help my mom with dinner.


*Skip hours and hours of cooking*


Knock knock knock


"Hello Miss Karen and Liam," I said.


"Hello darling," Karen said.


We made our way to the table and sat down to talk and eat for awhile.


*Skip many many conversations*


"Uhh miss Martinez where is the loo," Liam asked.


"Abby would you be kind enough to show Liam the bathroom,'' my mom asked.


"Sure," I said.


We walked up stairs and through the hallway to where a small room was.


"There is the loo," I said.


With a blink of an eye I was against the wall. Liam's face was so close that I could see his flaws not that he had any he was perfect. Before he could make another voice I heard my mom's voice and steps on the stairs.


"Hunny is Liam done yet because I gotta go too," she said.


I gently pushed Liam off.


"Ya mom we were about to go," I shouted.


A/N: hello sorry I didn't publish yesterday I was really busy and I could barely make time today so sorry if this was a little messier than usual. I hope you liked this chapter and thank you for reading.😘😋😊



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