The woods of the undead

1 boy. 1 forest. 1 decision. Life or death. What will he choose?


1. The Beginning

This is it. Thought the boy, this is the end. I will never see my family again. I am going to die here. How did I not  see this coming? The boy’s name was Tyler. He did not know where he was. All he knew was he was right. He was so, so right.


 The date was Friday 13th of January. An ordinary date for a perfectly ordinary day for Tyler Hostia. He woke up in his filthy bedroom by means of his mother yelling at him to get up because he was going to be late. He looked into the mirror and peered at his reflection. He was a mere ghost of whom he was before. His shoulder length ginger hair was matted and greasy and his face was gaunt and skeletal as was his frame. The boy was a twig of a child and had no muscles to speak of.He was dangerously underweight for a 14 year old He shouted to his mother-called Sarah-,


"What do you want?" questioned his sceptical mum. (She suspected that he would try to think of an excuse as to why he shouldn't go school.)

"Mum. I really don't think that i should go to school today," whined Tyler in reply. His mum sighed loudly, it was almost impossible to make Tyler to go school ever since his brother went missing. 

"What the excuse this time Tyler?" snapped Sarah getting agitated. Tyler stomped downstairs in his ratty old pyjamas and glared into Sarah's piercing blue eyes. Sarah glared back not giving into Tyler. He broke eye contact first and suddenly became rather interested in his shoes. Sarah calmed down quite quickly and began to feel guilty for upsetting Tyler. "hey i'm sorry Hun. What's wrong? Why don't you want to go to school?" asked Sarah kindly.

"I-I just have a really bad feeling about today," Sarah scanned his face and she was about to question him further but he blurted out "I had another dream about him," taken by surprise Sarah gasped. Tyler had dreams. Bad dreams. They were not normal dreams and they had cropped up 6 months ago. The very same night his brother Sam disappeared. They were always about him. His short dirty blond hair blowing in the wind. His strong muscular frame pail on the forest floor. Dead. If this wasn't bad enough for poor little Tyler the dreams always brought a bad event with them. For example. The first dream happened when Sam went missing. The second brought about the death of his grandmother. The third brought his parents divorce and so on. This dream brought disappearances deaths and divorce. Sarah began panicking at what this dream would bring but she couldn't show it to her son. He would think that he is a freak.

"Hey. Hey look at me Tyler it is going to be OK all of the other times were just coincidences and they are all behind us now," appeased Sarah pulling her shaking son into a tight protective hug. "listen to me. You have to go to school my cherub. Don't worry you will be safe there I promise you" tear drops rolled down the broken boy's face. This broke Sarah's heart on a daily basis. She couldn't bare seeing her child cry so she demanded that he get ready for school Tyler dragged himself up to his room and changed into his uniform at a snails pace. After he was finally dressed he stumbled back downstairs to Sarah waiting at the door.

"Come honey we're going to be late" announced Sarah grabbing Tyler's hand and softly dragging him to the car. 

 The car ride only took 20 minutes but to Tyler it felt like hours. Once the pair had arrived Tyler quickly hopped out of the car and ran into the school gates not giving Sarah chance to say anything. In his classroom he spotted his mates and went to sit with them when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He froze. 

"Well, well, well look who decided to finally show up." spat Tyler's horrible teacher-Mr Nex- "Mr Hostia, detention and seeing as you have been late at least 3 times this month you will sit here" Without complaint Tyler sat in the chair that was directly in front of Mr Nex's desk. great! Another amazing day with Mr. Nex thought Tyler sarcastically.

  According to Tyler the day went slower than a old, dying snail until finally the bell sounded loudly and filled Tyler with relief. He had gotten up and ran to the door until Mr Nex cleared his throat and hissed at Tyler, "where do you think you are going?" Tyler froze. He had forgotten about the dreaded detention he had received for being late. 

"Sorry sir, you see I had forgotten that you had given me a detention so I was going home," replied Tyler, his words falling from his mouth like a waterfall. "You see there could be an emergency or something and-" Mr Nex cut him off.

"Never mind that dear boy. Come. Sit down and wait until say you can go. While you are waiting you will read!" commanded Me. Nex with so much fierce authority that Tyler sat in his place and pulled out his book as fast as the lightening that was striking violently outside of the murky windows. He fumbled clumsily with his book and began reading. It was his favorite book- The life of a wanderer it was about a man called Jackson Wiles who wandered the world searching for the meaning of life.

 Tyler glanced at the clock before he began to read it was 4:00 pm, he then read silently as time slipped by. He was so absorbed in his book that he failed to notice that the sky had began to darken and the storm had began to worsen. He then glanced and the clock and gasped in shock. It was 8:00 pm at night. Tyler had been here for 4 hours.He waited for another half an hour to see if Mr.  Nex would tell him to go. He said nothing. Eventually, Tyler plucked up the courage and informed Mr. Nex “Mr Nex? Can I go now? It is dark” Tyler waited for a response but it was not long until Mr. Nex sighed “yes of course, oh my I did not realize the time! It is almost 9:00 pm your parents will be worried!” Tyler stared at the teacher with a shocked expression on his face, as this was unusual for him. Usually if you asked to leave he would keep you for another hour at least. Mr. Nex grinned menacingly at Tyler and nodded towards the door. Tyler plastered on a fake smile, “thank you s-sir”. Tyler then grabbed his stuff and sprinted to the bus stop.

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