Star Trek meets reality

The legendary crew of the NCC-1701 assemble. . . But they are not all the ones from the same universe. Follow the ragtag crew while they discover why fictional characters have been coming to life and perhaps, just maybe, go boldly where no one has gone before.


2. To travel to

Why shouldn't he panic? His wife was missing. Clothes were the only remains that Elizabeth had existed, co-existed, with Bill. This should not be happening. Bill had to find her. But she was missing. Her clothes were laid on the bed. He could smell her scent on them. Bill was scared, mostly, afraid for her life. President Adams was answering the questions of the press.  What did President Adams mean by aliens? Aliens did not exist. Bill went to the closet, took out some clothes, picked out his other attire for beneath that, then went into the bathroom where he closed the door behind him.

Twenty minutes later the door reopened with Bill's eyes fixated on the bed. He saw something odd about the outside. There were flying cars. Flying cars! That wasn't what he would normally see in day to day life. After all society had hyped the 21st century to be with flying cars that never came to pass . . . until today of all days. That just did not feel right. Something was terribly wrong. But what? Bill did not know. Bill hadn't been there to witness the first take off of the air-car. The press releases. The safety hazards being told on the news. The stories of people reviewing the transportation. Reporters using one of them as an example. Bill put his shoes on, tied the shoelaces, then went out after getting his wallet. He had his iphone in one pocket. He turned the TV off where a discussion was being held regarding the strange occurrence going on. He went out of the house. He was sure the rapture hadn't happened. Because if it had, he would have been among those taken not left behind. Sure he was a reformed jerk but he was different than he was fifty years ago. Speaking of fifty years ago . . . That was a whole other ball game.

Bill went outside of the house then came to a stop right at the edge of his driver way. He saw flying forms of transports with nacelles to the side. It reminded him eerily of the shuttle pod from the rebooted Star Trek that he had seen in the theater. Bill fiddled with his wedding finger apparently confused than ever. He turned around to see that the garage door had practically been destroyed. He appeared to be horrified at that at first. My garage door!, Bill thought, Elizabeth is not going to like that! Then his thoughts went over to his vehicle. Bill looked over to see the next door neighbors were packing up, leaving down, almost everyone who still had their vehicles.  Bill ran to the garage. He came to the left going over the door. An unsteady sound came from below as his feet came over it. He came inside the garage to see a completely new vehicle. His hand drifted briefly alongside the hard roof. It had a door, a windowshield, and now that he could see it from first hand the nacelles were actually boosters. Anti-gravitational faced down toward the floor. He opened the door to see that it was on. There were various lights radiating from the screen. It looked like the inside of a ordinary car. Except it lacked keys.

"This. . . is. . . unusual." Bill said.

Bill raised his head out looking over to find what caused the damage to the garage door. He then noticed that it had unmistakenably the shape of the same vehicle but on ground level. There were cars dotting the road. It was stunning. Now if De were here to see this he would be all wide eyed. If De were here . . . . Bill lowered his head thankful the Georgian wasn't here to see what happened between Leonard and he. He cleared his throat at the prospect that De would have seen it. He briefly closed his eyes. Bill reminded himself, who am I going to search for? Elizabeth of course. They had a department for the displaced recently made. So logically there has to be a group of people misplaced and gathering at a 'lost and found'ish centers.

But if that were to have happened. . . Elizabeth would have awakened naked. And very much without money. Then it occurred to Bill that something terrible happened to his wife. He opened his eyes then opened the car door. Bill had to find out if she were at one of these theoretical centers. If Elizabeth had awakened naked and very lost she would have called him by now. This wasn't right. But so many questions that were unanswered. He entered the vehicle then closed the door the felt around for his seatbelt. He took out his iphone then checked for missed calls.  He didn't have any missed calls as of this morning. He eventually found a new type of seat belts when he accidentally hit a red button. Bill raised an eyebrow. These strongly reminded him of the ones from Star Trek Beyond. These were not the usual seatbelts he was accustomed to.

There was a blue square screen below the radio addition.

"Where would you like to go?" Came a male voice.

That was familiar.

"Displaced people center." Bill said.

There was a moment of pause.

"Location has been retrieved," The air-car replied. "Please stand by."

Bill grabbed onto the wheel as the vehicle floated above the pavement. He looked over his shoulder as he steadied the vehicle out of the garage. For some reason he felt this might be the beginning of a crazy day.  One that wouldn't be easy to solve. Or so he thought. The vehicle backed out of the garage. His hands were trembling as he followed the instructions. He watched the row of houses disappear as he went. Deeper and deeper into the city. It was a good thing he wasn't at his horse ranch or else he would have been a clueless man lost in the country. He looked over his shoulder to see several vehicles fleeing. Some of which were in traffic.

It would be hours before traffic would be over.

Two hours and thirty-seven minutes later he came to a parking lot. A black SUV with a nasty scar to the side came flying out. Bill held his hands away from the steering wheel. How did one land a air-car in Star Trek? He never piloted one on screen or off screen.  It was always someone else like Doohan that manned the shuttle. He saw a glowing blue option on the clear white screen that read 'land'. The air-car lowered itself down carefully. Bill could hear his heart beating against his chest. He looked over to see the sea of cars. There were some people coming back covering their mouths appearing to be distressed. The air-car landed onto the spot.

Bill grabbed the handle then opened the door. He got out of the air-car. He turned his head toward the left to see there were plenty of other air-cars in the parking lot. How would he know if this was his? Bill looked down to see a piece of rock on the ground. He picked it up. Went to the front hood. Then started to engrave on it. Much as he hated to do that on a perfectly new and future transportation device it had to be done. Bill engraved his name on it. He put the pebble back where he found it in case someone like him came here with the exact same model. He made his way toward the front doors. It was a good distance away. Could she be here? She had to be here. His hands were trembling. He cleared his throat.

"Keep calm and carry on," Bill told himself. "It is going to be okay."

At least he hoped it would be okay.

He finally made it to the doors.

He opened the door then went through and opened another door. There he could see a lobby with women who had green skin and pointy ears. They had upward eyebrows. Various hair styles. They were dressed in uniform that he had not seen in three years. Not since Into Darkness. Their faces were stoic. Vulcans? Why were Vulcans here? Wait, no, they were cosplayers. He did go to one of those conventions for autograph signing and got a lot of money as a result of it. That was the most logical explanation for him at the moment. He briefly closed his eyes then opened them and walked forward with uncertainty. He came to the Vulcan on the right.

"Hello," Bill said. "I am here for Elizabeth Shatner."

"Greetings, my name is Stuvok," Stuvok said, holding her hand up in the live long and prosper salute. "You are in need of a displaced card?"

"No, no, no," Bill said, shaking his hands. "I am not displaced."

Stuvok raised an eyebrow.

"Then you are here for Elizabeth Shatner." Stuvok said, lowering her eyebrow.

"Yes." Bill said.

"Your appearance matches the description of one of our displaced." Stuvok said.

"I do?" Bill asked.

"Affirmative." Stuvok nodded.

"Good, where is Elizabeth?" Bill asked.

"You need a color identifier, Mr Shatner," Stuvok handed Bill a card with a black thread attached to it. "This makes it known to any other people who believe you are someone lost." Bill raised an eyebrow. "You appear to be lost."

Bill put the necklace around his neck.

"Well, thank you," Bill said. "But  I really need those instructions."

A family of three past him, crying, making him turn toward their direction. The children were obviously upset. They were pretty human as was the mother. Wait, where was the father? The father was missing. Bill had a sad expression on his face. He could feel sympathy for her. The sadness she must be feeling for not finding her husband here, right now, in this location had to be nerve wrecking.  He saw the necklaces be tossed into a garbage can like device.  He turned his head back in the direction of Stuvok with a kind smile.

"Directions, please."  Bill said, without a sign of grief on his face.

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