Star Trek meets reality

The legendary crew of the NCC-1701 assemble. . . But they are not all the ones from the same universe. Follow the ragtag crew while they discover why fictional characters have been coming to life and perhaps, just maybe, go boldly where no one has gone before.


3. To search for

Bill came through the doors that opened before him. There were people crowding the entire stadium. So this is what it is like for movies where disaster stricken cities have survivors gather. It was rather noisy. He could see  and hear that people were calling out names. He walked down the stairs. She could be on the field, Bill theorized, just waiting for him. Misplaced in a generally out of place location.

"Elizabeth!" Bill shouted.

There were people cluttered in group kept together. It was like high school all over again except this wasn't high school. His eyes landed from person to person. They varied in ethnicity. He followed the fleet of stairs to the field. Bill saw rather strange people on his search. He shouted, "Elizabeth Shatner!" with his hands clamped around his mouth to give it a greater affect.  It slowly started to sink in that he could be alone. Naturally, that was unnatural. It had been years since he was that kind of alone. Bill went past other people. He felt afraid.

"ELIZABETH SHATNER!" Bill shouted, this time with greater emphasis.

Bill came to a stop in front of a tall dark man with a golden symbol on his forehead.

"William Shatner?" The black man asked.

"Yes, that is me." Bill said.

"My friend O'Neill is a fan of your works. My name is Teal'c." His arms were locked together in a military pose. "Who are you searching for?"

"My wife." Bill said.

"I am sorry for your loss."  Teal'c said.

Bill's hands clenched into a fist and his face turned red.

"She is not dead!" Bill said.

"Your mate is not among us." Teal'c said.

"Who are you waiting for, anyway?" Bill said

"My family." Teal'c said.

"Good luck." Bill said.

"Teal'c!" Came a man's distant shout. "Teal'c!"

"O'Neill." Teal'c said.

Bill  and Teal'c went past one another. Bill went through the crowd of people calling for his wife. 

"Elizabeth!" Bill continued, "Elizabeth Shatner!" His hands were no longer in a fist. His eyes went from person to person. Bill felt panic.  He looked for any familiar figures in the crowd. Slowly his hopes of seeing her alive dwindled and dwindled. What happened? Why were science fictional breakthroughs happening over night? He lived in South Carolina and nothing like this ever happened. He came to a stop then sat down on a bench on the side. If she wasn't here. . . If her clothes were all that were left. . . . She was taken. The rapture had actually happened. She was gone. Why did the rapture happen? Bill's heart was beating against his chest. Bill sighed briefly closing his eyes then stood up.

It had sunk in that he was  nearly alone in the world, again.

"Denny?" Came a familiar voice.

Bill looked up to see a man who looked strikingly like Jame Spader. Except he was not wearing glasses, except he was in a suit with a tie, and had brown hair that hadn't been shaved yet for the new season of the Black List. There was a look of recognition on the man's face. His eyes seemed to be dead on Bill. Like he could see him clear as day.

"Jimmy?" Bill approached the man.

"No,I am Alan Shore." Alan replied.

Bill held up his right hand.

"How many fingers am  I holding?" Bill asked.

"Three." Alan said.

"I am Bill Shatner," Bill said. "Honestly? I am sorry. But you might never see Denny Crane again." Bill then went past  Alan taking his iphone out then scrolled for James's phone number. He pressed call then put it to his right ear. "Answer, damn it." He heard a familiar ring tone from behind then he looked over as he heard "Hello? who is this?" echo back at him as Alan's mouth moved with the dialogue. His friend had somehow become Alan Shore. This wasn't acting. James needed glasses or else he would be blind as a bat. He was a brilliant, fantastic skilled actor. Bill could tell when he was acting and this was not one of those 'acting' moments.  Bill had lowered his hand to his side.

He froze.

The Vulcan.


Alan Shore.

Something terribly had indeed happened to switch real people with the fictional ones. He ended the  call with a tap then put the iphone into his pocket. He took a more keen observation around to see that there were various people who looked out of place. Not from this time, apparently. There was a familiar man who seemed to remind Bill of Robert Downey Junior just in a different attire that was reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. But wait, why was RBJ drawn here? He could be living in Hollywood for all Bill knew!  Perhaps there was a logical explanation regarding the whole mess laid about. He came to a free wall then leaned himself against it feeling dizzy and disoriented. Bill had to steady himself taking a sigh.  Bill straightened himself up then continued his way back toward the stairs.

His right hand landed on the cold, hard but slick plastic surface leading up. He could see that people were leaving the stadium in big lines. No one was coming into the stadium. Bill could hear crying and names being called out. Turned out he wasn't among the lucky ones.  He turned his head toward the right briefly. He saw a pair of pointy ears, silver hair, and a tinge of green that stood out making the man stop abruptly in his tracks.  That sight stood out from the numerous people crowding what had been rows of chairs that were remarkably missing. Bill rushed forward making apologies as he went, "Excuse me, pardon me, sorry." He made it to the upper part of the seatless platform.  He could see the familiar pointy eared man meditating in a chair with his fingers together. He looked at peace. At harmony. Undisturbed. It was Leonard Nimoy's Mr Spock. But Leonard was dead!

He could actually apologize--But Leonard being alive defied the laws of logic and reality itself. This man is not Leonard, Bill told himself, but who he is matters right now. He may know what is going on or have a rough idea. After all, he was Spock. He used logic to explain away the most absurd, irrational, and illogical scenarios while the heart being Kirk followed what he believed and the soul, being Leonard McCoy,applied morals and ethnics first. He had understood that the three were generally like one person. It had taken fifty years to come out by the rookie John Cho. But generally? Bill shipped the three hard. McSpirk, as the fans referred to it, the center of Star Trek: The Original Series. Shipped them very hard. Bill made his way toward the direction of the old Vulcan. How old was he? His hair was completely gray. So that meant this  Spock was old. Spock was one hundred fifty-eight in Star Trek the reboot. Bill could hear his heart racing. How should he greet the man? Say 'Hello, I am the guy who portrayed one of your husbands and willingly got one of them killed off in the worst manner possible' which didn't sound all way easy. It sounded rude and unprofessional. Bill could have appeared as Jim and given fans a tearful time in the theater but that cameo? It was  insignificant. Leonard was the one who had the bigger role, for that, Bill envied him.

Bill came to a stop once by the chair of the meditating Vulcan. He had gone through people who were huddled in small groups to get over here. He saw a blue telephone box appear in the middle of the stadium which was odd to say for the least. Why was there a big blue box in Carolina? Well, that didn't matter to the current problem at hand. Perhaps Bill could make the worst impression on the Vulcan? Will the Vulcan hate him for the rest of his life? Much like Leonard did after the release of The Captains.  Bill did not want a rerun of that. It left a certain amount of guilt knowing that Leonard was gone and he didn't apologize. Bill had chastised himself for that upon hearing the news.  Bill should have known Leonard would have died any day last year. He should have known. First it was Doohan. Then it was De. He should have expected Leonard's passing. And said his goodbyes. But he didn't. Bill faked a cough.

Spock did not react.

"I am sorry." Bill said.

Bill then noticed that  Spock had a beard. Well trimmed. Short. And quite appealing.

"Is your name James T. Kirk?" Spock asked, deep in meditation.

"No." Bill said.

"Then I have no business with you." Spock said.

Bill frowned, feeling anger traveling through his veins.

"Excuse me?"  Bill said, his hands tightened up. "I just apologized . . .  for accepting . . .  that request to be part of a movie .  .  .  that killed off your T'HY'LA! . . And the least you can say is that you don't have business with me?" The Vulcan opened his left brown eye with a raised silver eyebrow. "And you are  from the other side of the mirror! The one with the Terran Empire! I thought you would be either happy for that apology or reject it! You have the sense to do the opposite of good Spock!"

"Affirmative." Spock opened his right brown eye.

Was it Bill or did Spock appear the slightest of all amused in the eyes? Bill could not be sure. There was a certain ancientness tinge to those eyes. Spock wore the stoic expression that Bill had worked alongside for years. The one that would naturally belong to the man who got angry at him for his antics on set,  got grumpy by them, and instead of running away from Bill actually ran right back toward him. Which was downright confusing to him until Bill realized that it was the cutest thing, ever. Too bad it had to end . . . No,Bill shook his head, he shouldn't think of it.

"The one you tried and failed to prevent from continuing?" Bill asked.

"Failure is not an option." Spock said.

"Yeah?" Bill said. His nerves had calmed.  He folded his arms raising an eyebrow at the older alien. "Then why were you transported into another timeline and almost, but nearly, go against the prime directive?"

The Vulcan, scoffled, scoffled at Bill.

"That never happened." Spock replied.

"What were you doing?" Bill asked.

"Classified," Spock said.  "You are a civilian."

"If you are an ambassador, can you tell me why the world is upside down? I mean, former science officer, of the USS Enterprise or was it initialed something else?" Bill rubbed his chin. "My memory is quite scratchy on that part."

"ISS Enterprise." Spock said.

"Yeah, that is it!" Bill said, snapping his fingers.

"Because it was my fault." Spock said.

"So it did happen!" Bill said, pointing at the Vulcan.

The Vulcan appeared to be puzzled.

"What?"  Spock asked.

"The supernova, Romulus being destroyed, being sucked into that hole thingy." Bill said, waving a finger in the air in a circle.

"Negative," Spock said. "What I am trying to say is: this is my fault."

"Why?" Bill asked.

"I prevented my mate from going aboard the Enterprise B. He was very alive the last time I saw him.  We were admiring our work,and then, it was a brilliant flash of light from the distance and it blinded me.  Next I know. . . is that I am a century older than I should be. I was in a location that I was unfamiliar to. A pet store," Spock explained. "I have encountered numerous star fleet officers from both timelines and universes that tell me he was taken into the nexus. Logically, that means, I have made time crash."

"Spock, are you sane?" Bill asked, exasperatedly. "Just because Jim didn't go to what is clearly not his fate doesn't mean time crashes. Usually it crashes because two people who look strikingly alike from two universes, timelines, or dimensions touch that means the end of time and space as we know it which is quite faster when you think about it." The Vulcan's eyebrows rose up. "I don't know much about time and space but what I do know is not to touch your counterpart. You can not possibly be the one to blame."

"I am quite sane." Spock said.

"You are compromised, Mister Spock. This time," He put one hand on Spock's shoulder. "It was not your fault."  Then he squeezed it. "But I am sorry for your loss." He let go of the Vulcan's shoulder. "But since your husband is not likely to be here or anywhere on this planet anytime soon. . . I know someone who would love to meet you."

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"I do not know anyone in your universe." Spock said.

Bill smiled.

"You need a place to stay, or, go into space where the other star fleet officers are," Bill pointed at the sky. "Which I do not see you just sitting here meditating for the rest of this screwed up  mess." Bill lowered his hand to his side. "Now, I am not just about to leave a lonely Vulcan who will attempt to bring forth Pon Farr."

Bill held his right hand out.

"What do I call you?" Spock took Bill's hand.

"Bill." Bill said, helping Spock up.  Then Bill had a fond smile at the old Vulcan. "Better than saying William Shatner all the time."

Bill noticed Spock's cheeks and ears were glowing green. Why was his pointy ears turning green? And why were his cheeks doing the same thing? Bill wasn't thinking anything so inappropriate. Not that he was. It would be disgusting to be simultaneously thinking of making out with someone while holding hands with a vulcan. Bill looked down at his hand then back to Spock. The elder actor let go of the Vulcan's bony hand. He rubbed the back of his neck with a nervous laugh.

"Sorry about that," Bill said. "Forgot you were touch telepathic."

"Your skin is . . . smooth.. . . Just like . . . Jim's." Spock said, with deliberate pause between words.

Bill frowned, again, narrowing his eyes at Spock.

"You do a horrible job impersonating me," Bill said, turning away. "Leonard did a better job at it." He started to head back in the direction of the second staircase to the stadium. "Come on, I got the air-car parked out back."

"Who is Leonard?" Spock inquired, following after Bill. "Are you referring to the doctor? Your doctor?"

There came a laugh from Bill as Spock was close behind.

"Leonard Nimoy," Bill replied. "Leonard used to portray you back in the day."

"How long ago was that?" Spock asked.

"Three years, six movies, two reboot movies a bit as a cameo," Bill replied. He stopped as two women with tearful red eyes went up the stairs.  "Fifty years ago. That makes me an ancient." He had a laugh. Spock was now by his side as they went up the flight of stairs. The line was going slowly and Spock was going the average speed limit. Bill however? He just continued talking. "Me? Ancient? If I were told fifty years ago I would see the invention of padds I would have laughed!"

"The inclusion of my world encouraged your civilization to advance." Spock said.

"No," Bill said. "That was all Steve Jobs."

"We never had Steve Jobs." Spock said.

"No wonder the technology in your reality wasn't as advanced." Bill said.

"I assume my world is fictional to your world and that everyone I know has been portrayed by an actor," Spock said. "Which would explain why you recognized me."

Bill nodded.

"I was thirty-five when I started filming for Star Trek." Bill said.

"You are eighty-five." Spock said.

"Indeed." Bill said.

"You do not look a day over fifty." Spock said.

"Leonard got that a lot until he started dying his hair." Bill said.

"Hm?" Spock said.

"He had black hair. He was well into his eighties and it hadn't started turning gray." Bill said.

"Fascinating, that is a unique story with hair." Spock said.

"I don't have hair." Bill said.

"Excuse me?" Spock said.

"I don't have hair." Bill said.

"But you. . ." Spock said, looking over toward the hair.

"It is a toupee." Bill pointed to the hair.  Then he took it off. "Can you recognize me without the hair?"

"You have a nicer bald spot than most species I come across." Spock said.

Bill put the toupee back on.

"Which normally you killed or subjugated." Bill said.

"Affirmative," Spock said. "Theoretically, if this were undone, time would have to restart.  Back to the beginning."

"As a baby beginning?" Bill asked, faking horror.

"To a different beginning so to speak," Spock said. "I theorize only so few people would remember it."

"Wait, wouldn't time be fixing itself right now?" Bill asked, concerned.

"It would if it could," Spock said. "I see no reason that it can not. Logically, what must be fixed will be fixed."

Bill turned his head from Spock.

"Maybe. . . " Bill started. "Maybe I will wake up back home with my wife Elizabeth. Go about my day."

"What does your day consist of?" Spock asked.

"Classified!" Bill said. "You are not an actor."

"Point taken." Spock said. "Speaking of which. . . Who do you think would love to see me?"

"Sarah Nimoy." Bill said, as he took off the necklace. "I figure . . . If she is still here . . . That I make up for not attending Leonard's funeral by . . . . letting her meet you!" He looked back in the direction of the Vulcan with a beaming smile. "Though." It faded. "Meeting  Adam. . . That would get quickly freaky."

"I take it that is his off spring." Spock said.

"Yes." Bill said.

"I would like to meet him." Spock said.

"You are on your own for that. . . If he is still around that is." Bill said.

Bill tossed the necklace into the lid as they went past the desks manned by two Vulcans.

"Have you called your family members?"  Spock inquired.

"One thing at a time, Mister Spock," Bill said. "I honestly. . . don't want to. . . find out my entirely family has vanished into thin air." He had one arm wrapped around the shoulder of the bony Vulcan. "And I am hoping that yours is not."


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