Star Trek meets reality

The legendary crew of the NCC-1701 assemble. . . But they are not all the ones from the same universe. Follow the ragtag crew while they discover why fictional characters have been coming to life and perhaps, just maybe, go boldly where no one has gone before.


4. Going home

Mirror Spock sat in the passenger seat listening to music. Bill looked over to see the Vulcan seemingly at rest, head leaned to the side on his shoulder, and his chest rising up and down. Sure,  Leonard would have called Bill out for creepily staring at a one hundred year old plus Vulcan. Bill turned his head away. Bill should have asked DC Fontana and Leonard Nimoy how long elderly Vulcans slept. He was using the air-car for help getting back home. He had much to pack. After all, he was going to be finding a way to see if there were any way he could help.  It helped him to remember this is a immortalized version of his late friend. Former friend.

Spock was a mirror image of Leonard except.

He was Spock.

Spock looked cute sleeping.

Bill returned  his attention to the view screen. He turned the channel on the radio by hand hearing sizzling and unusual sounds. It sounded like he was losing losing contact with the nearest station. Bill frowned at that, normally when that happened that was impossible. Because there was stations that covered vast areas of the road even in the middle of no where. It was a norm to find podcasts on the internet these days. There was even a offical Star Trek podcast. Bill eventually came to a stop on a stable station that was calling itself CNN The New Frontier. Bill cringed. It reminded him of the terrible Star Trek movie he directed. But then again, the only good thing about it was that 'Not in front of the Klingons' scene. He could have done better. Facing God? He should have known how terrible of an idea that was. Then again, all those years ago anything was a good idea for a Star Trek movie. He saw on the block of numbers that time was still passing.

"President Adams has announced upon meeting with the world leaders and the annihilation of ISS due to unusual forces that Earth will work with the randomly appearing forces referring to themselves as Star  Fleet officers in space," The host said. "There is currently a gigantic, humongous, Star Base 1 above Earth! Are they going  to try and kill us? Since ISS has been allegedly taken down by creatures referred to as Graboids that are currently being hunted down by special forces. . . . Maybe there will be an alien invasion! Who knows what caused this?  Maybe there is some evil aliens out there who wants to conquer all the four quadrants and causing reality to glitch is part of the plan."

"Entirely plausible." Bill said.

"Or someone did something that they should not," The host continued. "After all this is not a time crash."

"Excuse me, but a time crash involves everything happening at the same time," The second host said. "What is happening is a reality bleed."

"Reality bleed?" The host asked.

"When one reality bleeds over the other," The second host said. "But . . . This isn't a reality bleed. There are people from different universes walking around. Elvis Presley has been reported at a concert with Prince! AND WHITNEY HOUSTON ACCUSING HER SON'S BOYFRIEND of killing her daughter and herself!"

"Well," The host said. "That is quite interesting."

"The boyfriend is awaiting trial," The second host said. "Today is a good day to be alive."

"You said that when Captain Kirk was revealed to be pansexual." The host said.

"Today is a good day to die."  The second host said.

"God damnit, Richard," The host said. "You are a radio host, not a Klingon!"

"Can you explain why fictional characters are coming to life and non-actors have gone missing?" The second host asked.

"The rapture, obviously." The  host said.

"What if it is because they never existed?" The second host asked. "Because they never existed. . . their clothes were left behind.  Just follow me on this. In order for fictional characters to be real there has to be a subtracted amount of people removed. We would have trillions of people on one planet if they stayed. Earth can't sustain that! Every day we are losing species and every day we are discovering new ones! What if someone from a fictional universe came into ours and so that is why this is happening? What if they avoided their true fate like the magnificent bastards they are?"

"So you are saying that it is logical that we lost our loved ones?" The host asked.

"Yes." The second host said.

Bill turned the channel.

"Jim, that is a very . . ."  Spock mumbled in his sleep. "Delicate piece of art."

Bill looked over in the direction of the Vulcan who was dressed in a Vulcan robe. Ambassador robes, Leonard would insist, that were not his every day wear when in fact it was. He was not a officer of Star Fleet but an Ambassador or a emperor depending on the ranks were in the mirror verse. Spock shifted in the chair. ­Spock must have been up all night when he had been taken. Spock probably had been cuddling with his husband for hours. Old people didn't sleep as soon as they had the chance, that Bill was greatly aware of.  He was among the demographic. So Spock must be sixty-three. He was born before Jim was. 2230, Leonard had told him, in a hospital on Vulcan not  a cave. Jim was born three years later. Jim was sixty in Star Trek: Generations on the Enterprise B.

Bill tapped on the steering wheel humming  The X-Files themesong as a strange large brown, black, and white bird came past  with  a elvis hair style. Bill looked in both directions gazing in amazement. They kawed 'STARRAPTOR!' flapping their wings. He rolled down the window using  a button on the arm rest. He put an elbow on the edge of the window then poked his head out. His eyes were wide. He saw smaller versions of the bird among the flock. He cleared his throat. That was amazing. He watched the birds fly on ahead leaving the air car intact. He watched the birds disappear into the distance. It occurred to Bill as he saw other air-cars fly pas him that he was fortunate to see it. When Bill meets up with Elizabeth again, he will have to tell her what she missed. He pulled himself back into the air-car then continued on his way home. He could see the trail of cars on the road ranging in vehicle style. He heard his stomach grumble.

Bill sighed.

"Of course, you forgot breakfast," Bill chastised himself. "You should have gone to McDonalds. Too bad you missed McDonalds an hour ago." His grip on the steering wheel tightened. "Wait a second,"  His eyes became wide. "Do Vulcans eat meat or vegetables?" Bill's eyes returned to their normal size as he looked over toward the mumbling elder Vulcan now comfortable on his right side. "I should check if I have the ingredients for salad."


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