Poetry by ML

This is a story that describes the inner workings of my mind. I normally don't like sharing my poetry with anyone but things are changing.


19. Why

Why must my life be filled with dread,

I try to explain everything to you,

and yet you look at me as if I was moldy bread.


Why can't you see the real me,

a girl with hopes and dreams,

just too shy to be free.


Why don't you understand,

I can't be here anymore,

I look around this supposedly beautiful planet and all I see is land.


Why do you keep trying to know me,

Why do you keep annoying me so,

Why do you keep telling me to grow up,

Why can't you just stop and go?


The pain you bring me is unbearable,

and yet you can't seem to understand why you have to leave,

Why do you just sit there and watch?

Please, you are just filling my life with botch. 

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