Poetry by ML

This is a story that describes the inner workings of my mind. I normally don't like sharing my poetry with anyone but things are changing.


9. Topics

I watch the world around me as it crumbles to the ground.  

I think of all the beautiful things around me that have been lost.  

Everything slowly fades away as the light comes closer.

I am becoming too small to reach for help.  

The wind pushes me through a small hole to keep me from being squished.  

At least nature finds interest in me.  

The hole is dark but I feel warmth around me like a blanket of air.  

This hole is comforting, making me feel safe.  

I am being pushed through another door.  

This one leading to a maze.  

A maze filled with vines and mystery.  

The wind is pushing me towards my destiny.  

As the world crumbles, I am being pushed to the very brink of my existence.  

I am no longer afraid of what will become of the world because I have become one with nature.  

It is me, I am it. 

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