Poetry by ML

This is a story that describes the inner workings of my mind. I normally don't like sharing my poetry with anyone but things are changing.


5. Stars

The wind blows me across the sea,

to the far corners of my mind,

where fantasy meet reality.


Harmonious angels whisper stories

as the waves crash upon the shore.


My mind wanders to thoughts of 

joy as my body becomes one with 

the harmonies of angels.


Their sound enwraps my space and

fills the air with tones of joy and sorrow.


​Oceans breathe cool air on my cheek,

​as the sky turns old and black,

my friend shows up and lights the way

through the night, 

illuminating every thought flowing in my brain.


I think of how life is 

just a glimpse of how beautiful creation actually is.


The trees glisten with starlight,

as they dance around me,

creating a puppet show of shadows.

Lovely music soars through their leaves,

allowing them to be free and expressive. 




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