Poetry by ML

This is a story that describes the inner workings of my mind. I normally don't like sharing my poetry with anyone but things are changing.


2. Believe




Wind blows through the shivering trees at night,

I wonder and wonder but can’t find the light,

the moon is covered up by thick clouds of grey,

I keep waiting for time to change into day.

Nothing seems to alter or change in these woods,

people come and go all round me but never stay,

they walk right through me without any cares,

all I can do is shout “HELLO” and stare.

I think of dying but that seems too easy,

I want to live for a day where I am out,

but lately, even the easiest things seem impossible.

The impossible never stopped me before,

until now where I can’t see people an more.

Being lonely isn’t worth this pain.

Please make it stop or the demons will conquer my brain.

everything is okay when it looks black and white,

but I don’t have the strength or the might

to fight this thing going on inside,

I can’t believe in the sky or the ground beneath me,

the only thing I can believe in is God,

and even He is hard to find sometimes.

I pray and pray for Him to help me through the pain,

often He helps me through it,

maybe it’s okay to be alone in these woods,

as long as someone is beside me,

either spiritually or not,

I can make it through to the day I forgot. 

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