Madison has always been the type to keep a guy around for only a few days and then dump him. But when someone catches her eye and she can't shake him off what does she do? This guy is like no other guy she's ever seen or met before....Something's different.... He drags her into his world forcing her into unknown territory. She feels lost and slightly scared---She's never been in love before and she's never wanted to be. Serious relationships aren't her thing, but she'll soon be finding out that she can't just shake him off like all the other guys. "He's like a poison in my system---I can't shake him off! He drags me in and I'm trying to stay away, but I can't...I guess its just in his DNA."


9. Chapter 9

As soon as the door shut, Josie was standing right in front of me, smirking.
"How was Harry?" She asked.
"He was good." I said, carefully.
She giggled. "Seriously Madison! You need to open your eyes and face the fact that you can't stay away from him--That he's different!"
'Now I'm thinking in more ways than one....' I thought to myself as my eyes connected with hers.
"I know that he's different." I say.
"How different?" She teases.
"Oh stop that!" I say smiling, shaking my head. "He's different to me, but still--"
"But still, what?" She begs me on.
"I'm not sure what this is..." I say.
She rolls her eyes, sighing. "Madison, you have so much to learn."
"Clearly." I mumble as I head upstairs.
"Where are you going?" She asks as I walkd past her.
"To get ready. I have a date in a few hours." I say.
Her mouth practically dropped and I almost--Almost!--Laughed.
No guy had ever asked me out, I asked them--And made the plans.
Walking into my room, I went straight into the closet looking for something to wear tonight.
It was a movie date and for some odd reason, I wanted to look cute.
I searched through my clothes and found a cute little sundress.
It was a creme color and had a flowers in spots on it.
I added some cute little ankle boots and a gold necklace.
As soon as I went into the bathroom to do my make-up, I realized that it was only five minutes til Harry was supposed to pick me up.
It had taken me too long to decide what to wear so now I was stuck without doing my make-up.
I hoped that Harry wouldn't mind--I actually tried to dress-up for him but I ran out of time....
A few seconds later I heard the doorbell ring and I grabbed my bag, heading downstairs.
Josie's cheery greeting echoed up the stairs as I walked down.
"Nice to see you again Harry, come on in." Josie said.
"Thank you,?" He said, waiting for her name.
"Josie." She said smiling as I finally made it to the bottom.
He nodded and then smiled at me. "You look beautiful."
I blushed slightly.
This all reminded me of a movie or something childish.
"Thank you. I was actually going to put make-up on, but I ran out of time." I say.
He smiles. "I think you're way prettier without it."
I smiled widely, blushing deeply and I seen Josie smile at us.
"Shall we get going?" He asks smiling at me.
I nod. "Yeah. See you later Jose." I said as we left.
"Have fun you two." She says happily.
Harry walks me to his car and opens my door for me.
"Thank you." I say smiling at him.
"It's no problem." He says winking at me.
My heart had started beating faster, why was I so nervous?
This was all so new and I had not a clue of what the night held in store for us.
He got in and drove away from the house.
"So, I give you three and a half hours and you still don't have enough time?" He teases smiling.
"W-well, I wanted to look nice and I had a very hard time....." I say.
He chuckles. "Well, you look very nice. All of your hardwork paid off."
"Thank you." I say laughing.
I take in how he looks and smile, thank goodness that I didn't overdress.
My hand was laying on the seat between us and gently, I felt his hand cover mine.
"You really do look beautiful." He says smiling widely.
"You look very handsome." I say smiling.
He chuckles. "So, what would you like to see tonight?"
"I'm not sure....It depends on whats playing and what you like. I don't want to make you sit through a movie you don't like." I say.
He looks over at me smiling. "Considerate. I'll have to add taht to my list."
"You have a list?" I say. "About me and how I am?"
"Yes." He says. "Ever since I met you, I've been adding words to describe you to a list. Call it creepy, but I'm constantly thinking of things you are and aren't in my head."
"It's a little creepy--And I wouldn't imagine you'd do something like that--But if it's your thing, then go for it." I say.
He smiles and pulls into the parking lot.
Getting out, he comes over to open my door and then helps me out.
I smile at him and he holds my had as we walk to the front, looking at the movie posters.
We saw one of the posters which listed the movie 'Me Before You' and Harry smiled.
"What about that one?" He asked.
I looked at him in surprise. "You really want to go see that one?"
"Well, I may be a guy, but I do like romantic movies." He says smiling.
I giggle and nod. "Alright, lets go see it."
We walked up to the ticket line and bought our tickets, then went inside and into the theater.
As they movie began, Harry held my hand and I smiled, but kept my eyes on the movie.
I could feel his eyes on me and when I couldn't take it anymore, I looked at him.
He was smiling as if he were admiring something and I was slightly confused.
"You're cute when you focus." He says and I turn my head.
Wasn't that what I was doing to him earlier?
Watching him focus?
He turned my head back to look at him and I blushed.
"I said nothing but the truth." He whispers as he leans in so that I can hear him.
"I-I know, but no one has ever said that to me before...." I say smiling at him.
His hand carresses my cheek and he closes the gap between us, kissing me.
Typically, I didn't kiss on a first date, I only kissed on the third one and only if I planned on keeping them around for awhile.
Something about the kiss just felt right and I was extremely happy that he was actually kissing me.
I placed my hand on his cheek as I leaned in closer and he smiled against my lips.
I didn't want to pull away, but I knew that I had to.
I wasn't the type to sleep with everyone....I just dated everyone....
When you really put it into words, what I had been doing was terrible....Not just for me as a person, but for everyone that I'd ever dated!
Now I was stuck in a position---In a land that was complete alien to me!
This was not my neck of the woods and I knew that after this boy, I'd never be the same again.
Slowly, I pulled away and the movie ended.
As we walked out to the car, he held my hand.
"That was a good movie." He said smiling.
I smiled. "Yeah, it was. Thank you for tonight."
He smiled. "No problem."
As he drove me home and walked me to the door, he kissed me goodnight and then we parted ways.
I was happy, but scared of this weird territory that I was entering.

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