Madison has always been the type to keep a guy around for only a few days and then dump him. But when someone catches her eye and she can't shake him off what does she do? This guy is like no other guy she's ever seen or met before....Something's different.... He drags her into his world forcing her into unknown territory. She feels lost and slightly scared---She's never been in love before and she's never wanted to be. Serious relationships aren't her thing, but she'll soon be finding out that she can't just shake him off like all the other guys. "He's like a poison in my system---I can't shake him off! He drags me in and I'm trying to stay away, but I can't...I guess its just in his DNA."


7. Chapter 7

Things were strange and very different over the next few days....
I had started day dreaming--And I couldn't get Harry off of my mind!
Josie was worried and I was worried too....Maybe more than her.
Well, for starters, I had never done this....Never.
No one had ever made me day dream or had made me unfocused.
Second, something about him was far different...No guy that I'd ever been with had ever made me feel this way!
And third, it was creepy.
All of these weird feelings and such were completely scary and unknown to me.
So, when I was pushed by Jose, I knew I'd been doing it again.
"What?" I ask looking up instantly.
"You were day dreaming again! You weren't paying attention to what I ws saying..." She said looking at me.
"Sorry, I just....I have a lot on my mind at the moment." I say as I gaze down at my coffee.
Rarely did I drink just plain coffee, typically I went for starbucks.
She sighed. "I think you need to see Harry again."
My head snapped up at her comment and I frowned. "I have to stay away from him."
"Oh trust me, you won't be able to do that my friend." She says smiling as she walks over to me. "He's different, you and I both know that. He won't be someone that's easy to walk away from."
I growl. "Why did you wish this upon me?"
"Because I wanted to see your reaction to true love." She says. "Plus, I neevr really wished at all, it just crossed my mind and then happened." She shrugged as she took a sip of her coffee, holding the cup with both hands as she almost always did.
When I first watched her drink coffee, she always held the cup with both hands.
I don't know if it was because she thought she'd drop it or just because it kept her hands warm, but she did, she always had her hands around the cup!
I laid my head down on the counter as I continued to battle with my 'want's' and 'shouldn't's'.
"You're doing that inner battle thing again, aren't you?" She asked slowly, studying me.
"Yes Jose, I'm battling it out again." I say.
She smiles. "I knew I was right."
Rolling my eyes, I get up.
Something had to give. I had no clue why this guy could have such an effect on me.
It certainly wasn't love....Maybe he'd drugged me or something....
No. I never felt pain and I know he didn't slip anything into my drink.
It was just a huge mess of confusion!
How could one guy turn me into a mess that didn't know how to control herself?!
Something was seriously going on and I really hoped taht it was just me and that this would all end like it typically does.
I didn't like relationships that were serious and this one seemedto be headed in that direction.
As I looked down at my phone at Harry's number, I knew that I needed to see him before I went mad.
I gazed at the number which would allow me to hear his voice, set up a meeting time and talk to him, but did I want to risk what I had just for all those things?
Wasn't I better off without him anyway?
Why the heck was I feeling this way in the first place?!?!
He was never supposed to be this way to me and it hasn't even been a month and we're already super connected.
As I clicked the 'call' button, I waited patiently to hear his voice. Well, as patiently as I could....

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