Madison has always been the type to keep a guy around for only a few days and then dump him. But when someone catches her eye and she can't shake him off what does she do? This guy is like no other guy she's ever seen or met before....Something's different.... He drags her into his world forcing her into unknown territory. She feels lost and slightly scared---She's never been in love before and she's never wanted to be. Serious relationships aren't her thing, but she'll soon be finding out that she can't just shake him off like all the other guys. "He's like a poison in my system---I can't shake him off! He drags me in and I'm trying to stay away, but I can't...I guess its just in his DNA."


27. Chapter 27

Things were progressing quickly for Harry and I.
We were closer than when we had started and I was kind of excited.
As I sat at the bar, thinking about what I should wear for Harry's birthday, Josie came up to me.
"So, his birthday is tomorrow?" She says more as a smoothe question than as an actual one.
I smile at her. "Yes, it is."
She smiles as she walks over to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water.
"And you seem to be troubled about something." She says as she gets her bottle of water and closes the fridges door.
"Well..." I say slowly.
"Well?" She asks spinning around and sitting in front of me.
"I can't really decide what to wear..." I say. "I want to look nice for him since it's his birthday, but I'm not exactly sure what I should wear."
Josie grins at me. "Why don't you let me take care of that?"
My eyes widen just a little. "Josie, I don't want to wear anything extremely revealing."
"I've got it covered, don't worry." She says waving my comment off. "Just relax and treat yourself today."
I sigh. "How on earth am I supposed to do that?"
"Well, you could start by having a spa-like-day." She suggests. "That way you'll be glowing tomorrow."
Rolling my eyes at her comment, I huff. "Yeah, thanks."
Her face suddenly takes on a serious expression. "I'm being completely serious here."
Looking into her eyes, I study her.
After a few seconds of silence I give in.
"Fine--But I'm not doing an all-day thing. I've still got things to do." I say and ge up.
She smiles at me. "As long as you're treating yourself, I'm satisfied."
"Mmm, hmm." I hum as I head upstairs, disappearing from her sight.                                                                            #################   Josie was determined to design my outfit for tomorrow and I didn't complain, until she decided to hide it from me.
I had tried to sneak a peek at it or at least get a good look at it, but Josie had already made up her mind.
I couldn't see, feel or touch it until tomorrow....That was her rule.
So, I sat in my room trying to figure out what was missing from my wardrobe.
If I could at least get a clue of what wasn't in there then I might eventually learn what she had  taken.
Although, after a while of searching, I gave up.
Josie wasn't going to tell, I wasn't going to find out and I'd have to wait until tomorrow anyway.
Josie had also said that she was going to do my hair and make-up, which I was becoming very curious as to what she was up to.
"I think we'll put your hair in a french twist, it will look so cute with your outfit!" She said and I giggled.
"How do you know it'll look cute if I don't try the outfit on with the french twist?" I ask hoping that maybe she'll show me the outfit.
She smirked and studied me. "I know what you're trying to do and I'm not going to let you."
My shoulders sank as my feelings of hope did the same, but I wasn't about to give up.
"Fine, you can be that way. I'll just break into your room." I say smiling as I start to sprint.
Her eyes go from being laid back to suddenly being shocked.
Although, as I sprinted off, I knocked into something hard and went sailing to the floor.
It took me a minute to regain my senses.
"Oh my gosh! Are you ok, Madison?" I heard Harry's voice and just started laughing.
"Me? Oh I'm fine." I say still laughing as he helped me up. "Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going."
Finally I calm down and he chuckles.
"As long as you're ok." He says and then his face turns serious. "So, what are we breaking into again?"
My eyes widened. "Um--Nothing!" I quickly recover from the sudden question.
"I was just joking with Josie." I chuckle.
Josie stands there with her arms crossed, smirking.
Harry looks from me to her and then back to me.
I give him a smile and he just laughs.
"So, what have you decided on for tomorrow? Where would you like for me to take you?" I ask.
He smiles, shaking his head. "I was actually coming here to try to persuade you to let me take you out. It might be my birthday, but I want to treat you."
Looking into his eyes, I smile. "I have made up my mind and I'm not changing it."
He sighs, but smiles back at me. "Are you sure that I can't change your mind?"
"Positive." I say smiling.
He then grins at me. "Then can I at least take you out for a walk tonight?"
My eyes light up and I smile at the thought. "I would like that."
Smiling, he takes my hand. "Then come with me."
I follow him out the door and down the steps to the sidewalk and we begin to walk away from the house.
As I hold his hand, sparks shoot up my arm and I smile.
"So, how have you been today?" I ask him.
"I've been doing very good. You?" He asks.
"I've been doing fine." I say squeezing his hand. "I'm better now that you're here."
He smiles, staring straight ahead. "I'm pretty excited about tomorrow."
"Really? Is it because you're turning 21?" I ask.
"No, it's not that." He says, leaving me confused.
"Then what is it?" I ask, looking over at him.
A grin forms on his face and something secretive seems to surround us.
"I'll tell you tomorrow." He says.
I nod, trusting him. "Alright."
As we walk and the cool night air surrounds us, I take a deep breath.
Soon, we turn around and start walking back towards my house.
"Did anything happen at work?" I ask, trying to strike-up conversation.
He chuckles as we step onto the porch. "It was good."
I smile and he smiles at me. "I should go and let you rest for tomorrow." He says kissing me softly.
After a few seconds, he pulls away. "I love you and I'll see you tomorrow."
I nod. "I love you too, Harry. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Goodnight Madison." He smiles at me.
"Goodnight, Harry." I smile and watch as he leaves.
Reluctantly, I walk inside, wishing that he were still here and that we were talking or cuddling, but I knew that I'd see him again tomorrow.
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