Madison has always been the type to keep a guy around for only a few days and then dump him. But when someone catches her eye and she can't shake him off what does she do? This guy is like no other guy she's ever seen or met before....Something's different.... He drags her into his world forcing her into unknown territory. She feels lost and slightly scared---She's never been in love before and she's never wanted to be. Serious relationships aren't her thing, but she'll soon be finding out that she can't just shake him off like all the other guys. "He's like a poison in my system---I can't shake him off! He drags me in and I'm trying to stay away, but I can't...I guess its just in his DNA."


2. Chapter 2

As Colten pulled me closer to him by my hips, I made a slight pouty face and tried to make my eyes look innocent.
"Colten, I need to tell you something...." I said, trying to make my voice cute.
"Tell me, baby girl." He said smiling at me.
"You're super sweet and really sexy but babe, I'm not into serious relationships......And this is getting way too serious." I said.
He sighed and watched my eyes.
"I'm sorry Colt, but I'm breaking this thing we've got up." I said and he released me completely.
"You know, I actually thought that I'd be the one to change your mind, but your so set in your ways Madison, that I don't think anyone will ever change you!" He said frowning at me.
"Colten, please don't be this way." I said. "I warned you---You even knew before we got together!!!!" I stated.
"You know what?" He says. "I hope you wake up one day and take the blinders off of your eyes that what your doing is trashy." He spats and then storms off.
I roll my eyes and laugh as Josie comes up to me. "Stupid girl." She says shaking her head. "How could you let him walk away like that and not feel a thing?"
"Because, that's how I am. I don't feel love because I don't want things to get serious." I say smiling. "Now, lets go get drinks." I say winking at her.
She sighs and rolls her eyes. "I am still mad at you for doing that."
"Oh, you'll get over it Jose. You always do." I say as we go into the kitchen.
She stopped dead in her tracks and frowned at me.
"Are you serious right now?" She says.
I turn to look at her. "What?"
"I really feel sorry for you. You're going to end up alone in life." Josie said.
"Well, isn't that pitiful?" I mocked. "Come on, lets chill you down."
I started dragging her with me, but she jerked her hand back.
"No, I'm not drinking--Especially not now!" She turned away glaring and walked off.
I sighed, getting angry and grabbed a drink.
Who cares where she went or what she did, I planned to have fun.
Josie could be this way, she was a turning table.
One second she was one thing and the next she was something else.
I walked off deciding that I'd deal with her later when I got home.
So, I partied....Hard.
Before I knew it I was dancing with some random guy and I was drunk as I'd ever been.
It was then that Josie came and took me away.
I was in the passenger seat, she was behind the wheel, I was drunk, she was sober.
We were the complete opposite, at least in my mind.
She drove us both home and helped me inside, forcing me to drink a cup of water.
"But I don't want to...." I whined, completely out of my mind.
"But you're going to." She smiled at me and I growled.
She forced the water into me and then took me upstairs and put me to bed.
I don't think I have ever partied this hard or been this drunk before in my life!
Josie then forced me to sleep, but I wasn't complaining....Until the next morning of course.....

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