Madison has always been the type to keep a guy around for only a few days and then dump him. But when someone catches her eye and she can't shake him off what does she do? This guy is like no other guy she's ever seen or met before....Something's different.... He drags her into his world forcing her into unknown territory. She feels lost and slightly scared---She's never been in love before and she's never wanted to be. Serious relationships aren't her thing, but she'll soon be finding out that she can't just shake him off like all the other guys. "He's like a poison in my system---I can't shake him off! He drags me in and I'm trying to stay away, but I can't...I guess its just in his DNA."


15. Chapter 15

As I waited in my pajamas for Harry to arrive, thoughts circled my head....
'Could he really be a killer?' I thought, debating it. 'Could I be his next victim?'
Shaking my head, I tried to push the thoughts away.
If I kept doing this, then I'd be in deep trouble.
Harry wasn't a killer and certainly didn't give me that kind of vibe.
The rumors were probably from enemies.
So, as I pulled a pillow close and hugged it, I sat there wondering about Harry.
It was already six-thirty and I was trying to be patient but something inside of me couldn't wait!
There was something about him that pulled me to him, but I didn't know what.
I jumped as the doorbell rang and then got up, walking over to get it.
There stood Harry, with Chinese food in hand and a smile on his face.
I immediately hugged him. "I'm so glad you're here!"
"Why? What have I missed?" He asks chuckling.
"Me missing you is what you've missed, now come inside." I said releasing him and letting him in.
He smiled and entered the house.
I closed the door and then smiled at him. "You can set that on the table in the living room."
"Which is where?" He asks smiling.
"Well, if you'll follow me, you might find out." I said and started walking in the direction of the living room.
I could hear him chuckle as we entered and he set the bags on the table.
I sat down and snuggled with my pillow, then patted the spot next to me for Harry.
He smiled and sat down, wrapping an arm around me.
"How was your day?" I asked.
"Long, hard and tiring....But better now that I'm with you." He says kissing my forehead.
I smiled. "Thank you. I'm pretty happy you're here too."
He smiled. "I've almost got the Harley fixed. I didn't have any time today to work on it though....We were swamped."
My eyes widened. "Well maybe you can work on it again soon."
He nods. "Yeah, I'm hoping to get it finished."
I smiled as I snuggled up to him. "So, are you ready for our movie date?"
He smiled. "Of course."
Smiling, I got up and popped the movie into the DVD player, then sat back down as he opened the Chinese.
As soon as the menu screen came on, Harry laughed.
" 'Big Mommas Like Father Like Son'?" He said chuckling.
I laughed. "This movie is hilarious!"
He smiled and kissed my head. "I can't wait to see this."
Smiling, I pressed 'play' and we began to watch the movie as we ate.
Laughing was pretty much all we were doing and there were a few times that I cried from laughing so hard.
After it was over and we had cleaned the living room up a bit, he took his boots off and snuggled with me on the couch.
"Oh, I like this." I said as I laid close to him. "I can feel your heartbeat--And I'm close to you!"
He chuckles. "I love you so much, Madison."
I smiled and blushed a little. "I love you too, Harry."
Then the rumors started running through my head again.
"He killed his mom and sister...." Voice's echoed in my head.
"Killer." My mind repeated.
Shaking my head, I gazed into his eyes and suddenly got so lost in them, that I never said a word.
Harry held my hand and at some point, we fell asleep in each others' arms.
I felt safe in his arms---Not in danger!
Harry was mysterious, and yes, something screamed 'dangerous' about him, but I knew that he wasn't a killer....Was he?

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