Nameless Pierrot

He just wanted to make her smile but in the end he lost it all in the blink of an eye.....


1. Circus comes to town

Charlie's pov- I looked around me as I headed over to my trailer and smiled. "Wow it's such a beautiful day out." I hoped into my tralor and got dressed in my clown cloths and put on my mask. Mean while out side my co workers were all out and about handing out fliers to the big show that was going to happen tonight. My job was the grab the audiences attention. I was just about ready to come when my boss came into my room and did not look to happy with me. "You ready kid?" I nodded getting up to leave when he stopped me. "Don't mess this up kid!" He said sounding annoyed over the last show i messed up in. I stepped out of the car and got ready to preform.

"Feel free to stop by the circus tonight. We promise that you'll be in for a real treat!" A crowd started to show up and surround me. "Mommy look its a funny clown." I tilted my hat to the boy and honked my nose as I got on my unicycle and started to juggle and ride around. I looked around at all the happy faces and then I froze looking at girl out in the crowd. She had  on a beautiful pink dress and her long shiny blond hair pulled back into a bun. She had smile on her face for the moment which made me very happy but it soon turned into a frown when a frown came and took her away form the crowd.

Lila's pov- I had decided to go out for a walk in the town when I saw a crowd of people in the square. "I wonder what could be going on over their." I walked over and made way into the crowd as I smiled seeing a clown doing tricks. "Mommy the clown is funny!" I heard a small boy say on the side of me and it made me smile a bit. "Yes he sure is a silly clown." I said to the boy making him smile at me. Behind me their was a few boys that were laughing and talking about something. I got a bad feeling from them so I went to go and talk to them but before I could the man my father wanted me to marry showed up. "Here you are Lila. I've been looking all over the place for you dear. Come one let's head home you shouldn't be wasting your time with silly things like this." I looked back at the happy clown and sighed because deep down in side I knew that he was the one that I wanted to marry.

"Why don't we go to the circus later on tonight Chad?"  I smiled at him in hopes that he would allow me to do this one thing. "If that is what you want dear then that's what we can do tonight." I smiled at him though it wasn't true and walked away with him.


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