Dark Mayhem

*tee-hee I am stealing from all three series Cassie's got going on* oh this is for the competition Tahlia Davis is going to soon realize that the past always repeats itself. And mostly, it isn't for the better. unedited


1. Lex





            June, 2010


            "I don't see the problem, honestly." Xavier said. "I didn't do anything wrong, you know?"

 Matt made a low noise in his throat but Xavier chose to ignore his mocking behavior. He paced along the edge of the roofline and peered along the courtyard. Below him were very intoxicated mundanes wearing little to none. The group of mundanes seemed to be laughing and excited for the Full Moon Drumming happening on the beach a few miles in front of the two Shadowhunters. Most mundanes couldn't see that far but with the Sight rune they could see farther than any creature naturally born in this planet. Being too close would be too risky even with the glamour on. Possible Downworlders could spot them and cause more issues than they would without noticing the Shadowhunters. Plus, not too many creatures would dare step outside tonight especially on the full moon considering werewolves can be a little bit harder to control tonight.

Xavier and Matt were always the two to volunteer for this because unlike what they tell everybody back at the Institute nothing really happens tonight even with the full moon out. Werewolves in packs know better than to step a foot outside under the Full Moon. Downworlders could only have so much control with their urges. Especially when it comes to the mutts. Usually the only remarkable thing that stands out would be the occasional mundane who really can't seem to hold down his or her liquor. And then the chaos unfolds. Xavier noticed just how quite tonight was. It could be the hypnotizing drumming or the soft dancings happening down by south beach but something made Xavier's gut unsettle. It was far too quite. Yet, he shrugged it off refusing to be so paranoid. 

"You slept with a bloodsucker, Xavier," Matt said nonchalantly as if this happens all the time. His dark hair shined across the full moon. It was like a dark void basking in the slimmer of light. Somehow Matt should be blending in to his surroundings but strangely enough Matt always seems to stand out the most when he wears his gear. His body figure fits tightly against it. It should make him look intimidating because of his big arms and large torso but it always made him look professional. Like he was ready to take on Idris singlehandedly. "For all she knows you two could've shared blood."

"Now why would I do that?" Xavier said sharply, looking over his shoulder to glare at his parabati. Matt shrugged but never met his eyes. "Vivi needs to chill, man. I never agreed to monogamy."

​"Well, I think you should inform Vivian," Matt said. "She seems to have misinterpreted the romantic dinners and the cooing baby names that are just so cute." 

​"I really don't appreciate the dryness in your tone."

"Sucks to suck."

James peered out again. Nothing. He groaned, flinging his head back. "I'm just not ready for all this....this....--"


"Yes---thank you---commitment. Vivi is just so great, really, I'm deeply attracted to her, but I just can't--I don't think I want--"

"A relationship." 

"Yeah, see you understand. I just can't handle the constant texting and the needy touching and Sex and The City playing over, and over, and over. By the angel, if I have to hear Carrie complain one more time about Adrian I'm going to lose my fu---"

"Vivian hasn't changed." Matt cut Xavier off from his rambling. 

Xavier twiddled his fingers around his stele. "Hasn't she, though? I don't remember her being so damn...girly."

"She's had a pink room and barbie dolls since she was fifteen, dude." 

Xavier sighed looking out into the beach again this time something caught his eye. He could feel the Sight Rune burn against his shoulder as he saw the slight glimmer of something hideously large before disappearing over by the long grass. "Matt," He said more alert causing his parabati to look up with a stern expression on his face. "Get up."

Xavier jumps off the rooftop and rolls just has he hit the pavement. He heard Matt flanking behind him but hadn't bothered to turn around. They made their way quickly over to the sidewalk leading down to the drumming, but cut through by jumping over the long grass to where Xavier had spotted the irregular being. It must be a werewolf. Please, let it be a werewolf. Xavier pulled out his seraph blade and a silver dagger with his spare hand. 

Nothing but the sand and the glittering water was in front of the two Nephilims. Xavier furrowed his eyebrows. The moon was very big tonight. It glowed through the sea, dancing across the rough waves and gentle shore. It was almost breathtaking, but the scenarios weren't the main focus here. Matt shuffled around scoping the perimeter. "Look over there."

Xavier turned his head to see where Matt had been pointing and a few miles away was a creature. Too large to be a werewolf. It was an irregular shape and just by the small curves and the slimy coat on it's back, Xavier knew it was a Shax demon. Matt was already breaking off into a sprint with Xavier by his side. They moved at a similar pace. How couldn't they? The two have been training together ever since Matt came into the Institute with a small, lanky frame. Instantly the two connected, training and fighting until they've realized their bond was stronger than any blood related family they have. 

"I think it's carrying something!" Matt hissed, just as they were a few feet away from the demon, pushing against the tough sand that dragged their feet and slowed their pace, but not by much. Shadowhunters weren't like regular mundanes. Everything about them was heightened. Speed, touch, taste, strength. They were the evolving being of mundanes. An angelic being. The Shax demon didn't hear the two until it felt an arrow dive onto its back. With a displeasing yowl, the demon twisted it's slimy state over to the two Shadowhunters and hissed. It tossed whatever shadowy figure a few feet away from them and blocked the Nephilim's path with a guttering hiss before attacking. Matt barely had the chance to dive to the left. 

"I'll take care of it!" Xavier shouted, scooting back and scratching the demon with his blade. "Go! Check out the thing it came for!"

Xavier dived for the demon unexpectedly giving the distraction Matt needed to get around the demon. Xavier jutted his arm out while bending to avoid it's nasty poisonous teeth and swiped the inside of the demon. It sounded like tearing a wet blanket. It caused his face to cringe in disgust.

The demon roared hideously before trembling. "Matt!" Xavier called out. His friend looked over his shoulder. "It's gonna blow!" Matt nodded and dragged the figure to a safe distance while Xavier dived for the long grass just when the demon blew itself up to small chucks. It's poisonous blood sizzling in the dry sand. When Xavier got up he immediately looked for Matt.

"Matt!" He called out before hissing loudly. His seraph blade was coated with the blood of the demon and begun to burn his hand. Muttering a few cuss words, he tossed the wretched thing into the ocean. "Matt! Where are you?"

"Over here!" Matt called, a suddenly glowing light coming a few feet away hidden behind bushes. "Follow the witch light!"

Xavier dragged himself through the sand until he got the Matt. He was fine. His gear was still clean and his hair somehow seemed to remain gelled and perfect. He was crouched over something. It was too dark to tell and Matt was hovering over it making it even more difficult to play the guessing game. "What is it?"

"The question you want to ask is," Matt moved away and just when Xavier studied the figure, the moon's light shined onto the raven black hair and creamy skin. "Who is she?"

She was young, nothing more than Alexi's age at least. Her face was bruised and bleeding just by the corner of her lips and her eyes were fluttered closed. Her body was still growing hormonally but her shorts were torn and dirty and her bikini top was ruffled a little out of place. A warlock coming for a simple pre-teen was confusing. Who'd want her? What did she do?

"You know what's the best part?" Matt said, hosteling her up bridal style. "She's not dead, X."

"What?" She had to be bitten or poisoned. 

"She's alive." Matt said, and pulled a flesh of skin that revealed the fresh marked rune on her skin. Xavier's eyes widened as he looked back up at Matt. "And she's one of us." 

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