Rolling Feelings

Rolling feelings is a short story.

This story is about Charlotte, she's 16 and has a pretty much normal live in the eyes of her parents but...her life isn't as perfect as you'd think.

This story is based off of a real story...many actually, since this happens so many times in society.


2. Chapter 2

It was a rainy most of the time on winter. I was in far back seat of the school bus with my friends, Charlotte was alone with only her headphones plugged in her hears, silence and her music was the only friends she had.

When we finally arrived, I decided to talk to her for the first time, it's been truly many years since I met her...but still we lived in two different worlds.

She was the first to get out of the bus and went on ahead of me, once I finally got out I ran towards her, I didn't care about the raindrops in my hair, I had to talk to her. ''Why?'' you might be asking. Her bruises...that's why. They seemed to be getting worse by the day. It would usually be on her neck or arms, now it's even on her face.


I looked at her, she didn't seem to notice although I was by her side, I took my umbrella and opened it. The sudden change in ambiance took her by surprised, I could see her eyes widen. She looked at me with her blue, dark, piercing eyes and.. well... she just stood there, like we've never seen each other (I wouldn't be surprised by that, I must be invisible compared to her problems).

I decided to open my mouth but somehow, she was quicker to answer than me.

-What are you doing? Robert Winfield?- The very fact that she knew my name was mortifying, all I knew about her was the things I just told you, and yet...I had the feeling she knew more about me at that time.

I had swollen the cold hair, I din't knew what to say, I just split the words right out of my mouth the moment I had courage to.

-A-Are you being bullied again?- I asked as I frowned.- Seriously, you need to be more careful.


The moment I said that I could see her eyes glow with every star of the night, they were almost saying ''Someone cared''. The raindrops were banging on my umbrella and both of us were frozen in the middle of the path that lead to the school building. But yet... all she did was shake her head and run away, I din't know why. All my body allowed me to do was to stare at her as she ran towards the building with her drenched dark brown hair and school uniform.

All I could do was watch her run away in the distance between the raindrops.

All I could do was hear her footsteps disappear as we grew apart.

Just the same thing I would do these past years... Watch her die inside.


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