Normal people scare me

Three monster girls who went through hell together literally just to be free. Only to find themselves traumatized and scared of the humans in the mortal world. Meet three guys who well show them the way to hope and a mansion called Dilavikes Mordome home. Crazy hard living secrets come to life in the dark mansion. Funny and sadness in normal people scare me will show.


1. The land of the dead

A crescent bright light shone upon three creepers trying to escape.

Before the light

"Come on, Zunami we can finally be free from Phara's in cagements and touring's,"said Clara.

"Look stupid, do you wanna be stuck here forever in tears,"said Laila.

"I don't know but you guys, I was born here in the land of the dead I am a succubus and I know nothing of the mortal world. For you is easy you guys before being a witch and a demon fox you were mortals and I don't know but I am scared and what if we get caught,"said Zunami like a terrified child.

"Laila stop your scaring her see she's trembling ,"said Clara holding onto scared and shaky Zunami.

"For crying out loud Zunami you're a nine hundred and four-year-old demon how can you be scared you have no shame,"said Laila harshly cold.

"Don't worry Zunami we will teach you okay,"said Clara smiling.

Zunami jumps onto Clara hugging her.

"Clara how are you a witch if you are so kind?"asked Zunami.

"Whatever are you coming or not?asked Laila Irritated.

"Yes all I ever had were you both,"said Laila.

The three creepers ran for it.

Then a light shone upon them, they been caught.

"No not today,"said Laila getting ready to fight.

"No guys I have this,"said Clara pushing the girls back to shield them.

"Muk da la vish!"screamed Clara with bold complete black eyes.


"It's too powerful,"said Clara on the ground. 

"Damn Rackekons!"screamed Laila pissed ran to the leveled two hundred demon and attacked. Only to be pushed onto the ground too.

"Hey, pink flower do something...whispeared Laila touching Zunami's leg.

"But I am scared,"said Zunami shaking.

"If you don't do something than I and Clara will cease to exist!"screamed Laila.

"Ahhh!"screamed Zunami transforming into a huge plaranotix level nine hundred demon.

Attacking the Rackekon to death.

"Guys lets go,"said Zunami to Clara and Laila up in their faces.

Zunami noticed they were not responding they blacked out.

Zunami running grabbed Laila and Clara out right into the hole and into the real sunshine light away from the darkness.

"Yes, we made it guys!"screamed Zunami shaking Laila's body back and forth.

"Hey! I am not one of your dolls,"said Laila furiously.

"Yes it seems we are in a mortal forest,"said Clara getting up from the ground.

"Yes!,"screamed Zunami happy.

"But Zunami how did you do that?"asked Clara surprised of Zunami's level up.

"Oh, when you're a demon with a lot of age you can level up to a plaranotix demon,"said Zunami.

"cool very cool my girly girl,"said Clara petting Zunami's head.

"Ummm guys how the hell do we get out of this forest?"asked Laila confusedly mad.

"We can finally say goodbye to the land of the dead,"said Clara enjoying the moment.

"Yea,"said Zunami jumping up and down like a cute little rabbit.

"True,"agreed to Laila.

The three girls got lost. But in a moment of feeling free took over them. Now they gotta find a home.

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