The wall

It's like there is a wall between us and it is getting bigger and bigger I said as I looked at him Maybe we should knock it down he said as he leaned in to me


2. prologue

Hey I'm jewel chapman or jewels or jewelsy.

I live in la with my big brother Kyle my little sis may and my mom and dad. Kyle is super protective of me .

My dad is a lawyer and my mom is a stay at home mom.

I'm 18 and go to chamber ridge high school . Home of the Panthers

My two best friends are Jose and Caitlin. We've been bffs since middle school and are ready to tackle senior year. Caitlin is dating a jock and Jose is single

I have brown curly hair with big blue eyes . I'm a little tan .

Some people may say I'm short but I beg a differ.

My life is okay and I wouldn't want to change it . At least that's what I thought.

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