The wall

It's like there is a wall between us and it is getting bigger and bigger I said as I looked at him Maybe we should knock it down he said as he leaned in to me


3. chapter1



" Ughhh " I said as felt vibrating on my face. I put my hands on my face as I tried to rub my eye. As I did that my phone slipped of my face. I picked it up off the side of my pillow and looked at the date. As I stopped my alarm . I pushed my hair back into a ponytail as I sat up on the edge of my bed . I walked down the stairs into the kitchen to see my brother making a bowl of cereal for himself.

" your up "he said as he spooned some cereal in to his mouth

" why wouldn't I be today is the first day of hell in other words high school "i said as i gave him fake smile

He laughed and said enjoy it while it last as I walked away from him to go back up stairs into my closet j tossed my black muscle shirt on the bed with a red bando

I put my ripped skinny jeans on the bed and threw my black converse on the floor.

I quickly ran some hot water and went into the showers and brushes my teeth. When I got out I put my clothes on and brushed my curly hair back into a messy bun which was in the top of my head. I grabbed my headphones and back pack and went back down stairs. My mom was in the living tool reading a book and my dad was gone already . I quickly ran past my mom to the front door . As I walked out I saw Jose and cat in her car .

" are you ready for the best year of our entire lives " cat said as she rolled down her window

"Hell no " I said as I opened the back door to her car.

Jose added " at least it's the last year he said as me and cat laughed as we pulled into the school drive way Caitlin hoped out the car as she saw her jock boyfriend Matt . Matt is a total fuck boy but she loves him. Which is what me and Jose don't understand. She quickly starts making out with him as I point to my mouth as if I was throwing up . Jose laughs as we walk into the school doors . We stop at the front desk so we could get our schedules

"Name " the front desk lady asks .

"Jose and jewel " Jose says as he looks at me . She walks back to a file drawer

"So what do you think about that party tonight" he says as she walks back

"Thanks" I say to the lady as we walk away " Ughhh I don't know I wasn't really planning on going but if you and cat wanna go I'm down"

"Ok " he said as we passed our lockers .

"What class do you have first" he asked as he leaned against hi locker"

" chemistry, what about you"

" math" Jose said as he pushed his hair back . I turned around so I could walk to my class.

" watch the hell where your going" a deep raspy voice said

" it isn't my fault your sorry ass is in the way" I said as I rolled my eyes

" feisty just the way I like it" he said as he pushed his blonde hair back "

" whatever " I said as I walked away from him"

Then I walked into chemistry class the desk were in rows of 6. I took the first seat in the third row. As I put my bag down I heard a very familiar annoying voice again

" hey feisty" the boy with the blonde hair and big green eyes said as I slowly turned around

" what the fuck do you want" I said as I looked at him with a very annoyed face.

" I need a date to that party tonight and I want it to be you" he said as he pushed his hair back .

" yea, right " I said as I slowly turned around .


After class I met up with cat and we walked to my locker . As I opened my locker again I saw the boy.

" stalker much" I said as I spammed my locker shut .

" you didn't answer my question feisty"

" first things first my name isn't feisty and because I don't want to go with you.

" I think you do he said as he put his arm on my locker and leaned against me.

" I don't " I said as I started walking away

" wait " he said

" what"

" here's my number , once you change your mind which you will . Call me"

I grabbed the paper out of his hand and walked away.

" omg jewelsy he is in love with you " cat said

" shut up , all he wants is for me to have sex with him like look at him ."

" your totally wrong jewels , you can't judge him like that I mean he seems pretty cool and if you don't mind me saying he is fucking hot "

" don't let your boyfriend catch you saying that or your dead meat cat" I said as I laughed at her " I mean if you want him take him"

" no I have a boyfriend remember and I'm loyal to him " she said

" doesn't mean he is back to you " I said as I tried to cover it up with a slick cough

" shut up !" She yelled as she started hitting me . "I mean it is your choice if you don't want him than you don't want him " she added

"I don't I said as I put his number in my pocket

" but i totally think you should go for it" she said as she smiled at me .

I'll think about it said as I walked to my next class.

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