The wall

It's like there is a wall between us and it is getting bigger and bigger I said as I looked at him Maybe we should knock it down he said as he leaned in to me


4. chapter 2


I woke up to the light peeking through my curtains and cat halfway off the bed. I carefully got up not trying to wake her and walked to the bath room. I put in my socks and rinsed my face and mouth out. I put my hair into a braid and walked back to my room. I sat back on my bed and looked through social media . I heard a groan and I looked over at cat " why is there so much light "she said as she covered her eyes with the covers . " the light aren't even on " I said as I pulled the covers off of her gesturing for her to get up

" what even happened last night she said as she rubbed her eyes and stretched

" you were off the bars "I said as I giggled a little

" what do you mean by that" she said as she had a confused face on her face " did I cheat on Matt!" She said as she quickly hopped up

" no " I said " you were just supper drunk " I said as I walked out of the room " you should start getting ready " I added

I walked passed my room and my room is right next to my brothers room.

My brother was still asleep so I slowly went down the

Stairs . I grabbed some water and went back up the stairs to my room I made my bed and stuff and then sat down.

My phone vibrated and I got a text from Alex

Alex: I missed you last night

Jewels : whatever

Alex : I'm serious feisty

I dropped my phone and stopped texting him while cat was taking a shower I went into my closet and picked out my outfit for school I brought out a white cropped top with some words on it and some ripped jeans that I cuffed at the bottom I brought out some adidas and a jacket just in case I wanted to wear it during school because

it' s always overly cold. Cat came out he shower and asked me to get her a towel I got her a towel and went into the shower I Unbraided my hair and washed it . After some time I came out the shower . I dried my body and got dressed.

"Can, I borrow some clothes" cat said as she looked through my clothes

"Sure , but I don't have anything pink " I said as I put my hair in a bun to let it dry.

" noo" she wined like a little kid " then this will do " she said as she pulled out a white dress, and a jean jacket.she accessorize deity some of her jewelry from yesterday. And her royal blue heels.

" a little fancy" I said as I looked her up and down

" very far from fancy " she said as she slid her shoes on and laughed.

I put on my jewelry and slid my shoes on

" you ready " cat said as she searched for her keys through her purse

" yup " I said as I pulled her keys out of my drawer

" thanks " she said as we walked out the door into her car. She put on some Taylor swift and I placed my earbuds into my ears listening to 21pilots .

Before I knew it we were at joses house and he was standing outside of his house leaning against his stairs.

" like I haven't seen you guys in a while" he said as he kissed our sheets giving us each a hug

" yea you weren't at the party last night" cat said as she back out of his drive way

" I decided to ditch and just play games and eat pizza" he said as he pushed his curly hair back

" what about you " Jose said to me as he saw me distracted in my phone

" what " I say as I closed my phone and put in underneath me

" how are you jewelsy " he said as he looked at me

" umm I'm good " I say as I check my phone because it buzzed

" that's good " he said as he continued talking to cat.

Alex kept texting me and I didn't respond because I tried to avoid him.

She pulled up into the Parkin lot and parked in her regular spot.

We hopped out and went on with our day. After a few of the periods it was 5th period and that is the second period I have with Alex. Before he period starts I have to get some books from my locker so I quickly try to get there so I won't be late and get in trouble. As I get there I see him in the hallway walking towards me. I start to walk. A bit faster until I feel his fingers tap me on my back .

" what do you need " I say as I try to unlock my locker

" I just wanted to take to you , because you have been ignoring my texts "

" I thought that would let you know that I'm not interested in you "

" nope " he said as he smirked s bit

What period do you have now he said as he checked his phone

" 5th"I said as I started to walk away

"Let's ditch " he said as he put his phone in his pocket

"No" I said as I adjusted my book bag

" why not " he said as he looked at me" your not scared he said as he pushed his hair

" hell no " I said as j walked closer to him

" than lets go " he said

" fine " I said as I opened my locker back up and put my books into it shoving my book bag in also. " where exactly are we going " I said as I followed him trying not to get caught

" that's for me to know and for you to find out " he said as we walked to his car .i buckled my seat belt . As I buckled up I got a text from cat asking me where I was

Cat:where are you class has started

Me: I'm with Alex 😶

Cat: Ohh you and him are getting steamy

Me: No we're just friends and I wanted to give him a chance

Cat: gotta go when you get back tell me all the details 😘

Me: we'll see

" close your eyes "Alex said as he looked at me making sure they were closed

" Okay' but why " I said as I moved my head in his direction

" you'll see when we get there " he said as he parked the car I assumed because the car jerked he got out and popped open his trunk .

Open he said as I looked at an abandoned apartment complex

"Where are we " I said with a confused face

" my favorite place " he said as he walked to the broken door " this is my hangout , where I go when I'm sad, when I want to go and drink alone. When I want to get closer to a girl " he said as he looked at me and winked

I rolled my eyes and followed him up Stairs he opened this door which read "720" he popped open the fridge and grabbed to cold beers

He opened the window and we climbed to the roof top

" it is beautiful up here " I said as I looked around to see two pool chairs and a blanket with strung lights. The time was about maybe 4:30 and that's when everyone is walking around trying to get to there destination. We walked over to the two pool chairs and sat down.

" this is where I grew up" he said as he opened the beer bottles and handed one two me

" why did you bring me here " I said as I dipped in my ice cold beer

" like I said before i bring girls who I want to get closer to here"

He popped open his beer and sipped on it we sat there just looking at the traffic and talking

*around 6*

It was around six ish and time flew past we had a couple of beers but we weren't drunk . It Was getting dark and cold. I grabbed the blanket off of Alex and draped it over my body . He looked at me and snatched back laughing . I pulled it back accidentally bumping into his head . He looked at me as if he was lost and pushed my hair back looking into my eyes . I put my hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes I moved In closer to him and my lips touched his . His tongue slipped into my mouth and I moved even closer to him I pushed his hair back because it was in my face . My phone buzzed and I pulled away . I didn't know why i didn't pull away quicker I mean I know u don't like Alex like that . Before I checked my phone I said to him j had to go because it was kinda awkward and I didn't want him to get the wrong idea

Big bro : can you and cat bring back some take out in a it hungry

Big bro: jewelsy

Me : yea me and cat left school late

I texted back because I didn't want him knowing I was out with a boy especially not Alex because he wasn't the best behaved boy at school.

I texted car asking her to come pick me up at this location .

*10min later *

" your finally here " i said opening up her car door and slamming it

" yeah, I was with My boyfriend when you called .why what happened give me all the juicy deats " she said as she lifted her eyebrows up and down .

" nothing " i said as I fixed my hair

" mhm" she said as she drove up to the Chinese place


After jewel left I grabbed another beer bottle out of the fridge and just continued watching the traffic . The sun was pretty much gone so the lights turned on. I wanted to text her but I mean she probably wouldn't answer . When she left she acted a bit weird. But she usually acts like that any way. It was getting a bit dark and late so i decided to go home. I live with my divorced mom and my little brother Dexter. Are family isn't the best but we're still surviving. As I parked the car on the side of our house. I walked into the house seeing my mom talking to someone on the phone and Dexter no where to be found . I opened up my room and threw my shirt on the floor I turned on some of my favorite music and put my phone in the speaker. I went to my bathroom and ran the water so I could take a shower. I took of my pants and put them with my shirt and went into the shower. After I had showered I took my towel and dried myself I walked into my room and grabbed some sweats and put them on .

I shook my head so some of the water would leave my hair and I sat on my bed .i took my phone out of the speaker and went downstairs to eat something . I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and grabbed a bottle of water.

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