Brother's Best Friends

Ashley Bing is the younger sister of the awkward Chandler Bing. After being apart for a few years, the Bing siblings are back together. Ashley is happy to become a part of the friend family that Chandler has built. She's also excited to work her way up the employee ladder at her job at one of the biggest newspapers in New York City. Plus, who doesn't want to find a little romance in a new chapter of life.


15. Moving the Apartments Back

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          “This is so evil,” I smirk as I hold the door to Monica and Rachel’s old place open. “Yet so clever.”

          “This is our place,” Rachel smirks as she walks past me with her arms full of clothes. “We weren’t going to let them go that east.”

          “I only wish I was at the Knicks game,” I pout. “I bet they are having so much fun.”

          “You just want to hang with Joey,” Monica teases as she walks past with pots and pans. “Get on the kiss cam and show everyone how much you like each other.”

          My cheeks heat up and I nervously mess with a strand of hair. “He’s so sweet. I mean, he gave up meat for Phoebe, and he respects me.”

          “Joey?” Rachel chuckles. “That is weird.”

          “I know. I’ve heard how he has been with women in the past, but, he’s different. He says I’m different. We are both terrified of Chandler.”

          Rachel makes her way past me again with more clothes. “Well, that is good. You two seem cute and perfect together.”

          Monica leaves again, and is back in seconds with more kitchen items. “It will all work out, I’m sure. Just keep going on your little dates.”

          “What all have you two done?” Rachel stops before heading back across the hall.

          “Well, we’ve been on four dates, kissed a lot, and fell asleep on Phoebe’s couch snuggled together.”

          “So, all us girls know?” Monica asks.

          “Yes. And please, don’t tell anyone. Chandler cannot, for any reason, find out.”

          “Will you tell him?” Rachel questions.

          “Eventually. I just want to keep him out of the loop for now. He would kill me if he knew I was dating Joey after being here just a few months.”

          “That’s true. I’ll keep it a secret,” Monica nods.

          “Same here,” Rachel smiles and places a hand on my shoulder.

          “What is going on?” Phoebe walks into the apartment.

          “Switching our places back,” Rachel stands up taller.

          “Oh, and Chandler and Joey are okay with that?”

          “They’re at a Knicks game,” Monica moves the kitchen table a tad. “So, they don’t know yet.”

          “Okay,” Phoebe claps her hands together. “I had to come tell you that I’m having triplets!”

          “What?” My eyes go wide for a few seconds. “I’m sorry,” I shake my head a few times. “That’s awesome. Frank and Alice must be overjoyed. That beat the odds.”

          “They are,” Phoebe is all smiles.

          “Well, that’s awesome Pheebs,” Rachel tenderly smiles.

          “We should throw a party for you,” Monica walks to the door. “Right now, we need to get back to moving, because the game only goes on so long.”

          “Very true,” I look around the apartment.

          “I can’t help, but I can go get food,” Phoebe giggles.

          “That would be lovely,” I tiredly smile at Phoebe. “Hopefully the boys won’t be too angry.”

          “You can calm down Joey,” Rachel teases.”

          “Enough talking,” Monica raises her voice. “Back to work.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Hope you liked it! :D
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