Unfamous ||Kim Jongin (Kai)

Kim Jongin, known as Kai of EXO is infamous for being snobby and being rude to fans and even to his band members. Well, it all stops when he wakes up in an unknown room with a girl watching him.

-"Kim Jongin, how are you feeling?"
-"Mwo? Who are you? Why are you doing this?"
-"I'm doing this for your sake, and you get to taste what it feels like to be unknown."
-"What? What are you talking about? Tch, whatever, within 24 hours the whole world will be searching for me."
-"Wouldn't count on that,"

Wattpad account: PandesalSehun


11. XI|| Awake

His eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the brightness of the light above. 

-"He's awake!" Someone shouted.

He turned his head to the voice and realized it was


-"Hyung.." Jongin spoke with a dry, raspy voice.

-"Don't talk, just drink water." Kyungsoo commanded and gave Jongin a cup of water.

He drank the water, gulping it all down. Kyungsoo took the empty cup and tossed it in the trash can.

-"What am I doing in the hospital?" Jongin asked in confusion.

-"You wouldn't wake up; You've been sleeping for the whole day, the doctor say you were in a coma, but didn't know the reason why. I'm so glad you're okay, everyone was worried about you."

-"So it was all just a dream..?" Jongin whispered to himself.


-"I was dreaming about being non-existent...there was someone there, but I can't remember who it was." 

-"Well, something did surprise me when you woke up." Kyungsoo said.

-"And what was that?"

-"You called me hyung."

-"What? Don't I always call you that?"

-"No..? You never call any of us hyungs."



-"You can be discharged tomorrow, so just rest and we'll pick you up tomorrow. We have a concert next week. I'm so glad we don't have to postpone or cancel the concert.." Kyungsoo said.

-"Alright, bye hyung."


Kyungsoo closed the door behind him, leaving Jongin all alone.

Jongin sighed while thinking about his dream. It was beginning to disappear from his mind. He pushed away the thoughts of his dream and decided to sleep. He needed to practice for the concert next week. He didn't want to disappoint the fans..

The next morning, Jongin woke up. Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Xiumin, and Sehun were in the room.

-"Hyung, you're okay!" Sehun said happily.

-"Aishh, you always worry me." Chanyeol said.

-"Mianhe, hyung.." Jongin said bowing his head.

-"Ehh? Kyungsoo you weren't lying huh?" Xiumin said.

-"I told you he changed!" Kyungsoo pointed out.

-"Well anyway, get changed. We have to get to the venue. You've had enough rest." Chanyeol said.

Jongin nodded and grabbed the set of clothes at the end of the bed. Underwear, socks, a white long sleeve button up, and black pants. He furrowed at the choice of clothes, but shrugged not really caring.

After he changed, brushed his teeth, and washed his face in the bathroom, he walked out of the bathroom. Once they were outside the hospital, they were bombarded by fans. Flashes went off in Jongin's face as they were squished together.

-"Kai! Kai! Why were you in the hospital?" A person shouted.

Kai...It's like I've never heard that name in a while...

Suddenly, they were all pushed into a van by the security to avoid chaos.

The van drove off leaving the fans at the hospital. Jongin sat correctly on his seat.

-"I hope they'll be alright." Jongin muttered.

-"Who?" Chanyeol asked.

-"The fans"

-"Wahh.. You really did change. How is that possible?" He asked.

-"All of you are overreacting." 

Chanyeol put his hands up in defense.


Days went by, Jongin attended rehearsals like nothing ever happened.

Then the day of the concert went by.

Everything was normal except for the change of personality from Jongin. EXO and EXO-L's were all shocked. Jongin paid no mind.

Everyone loved him.

But something kept bothering Jongin.

He felt...heart broken.

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