Unfamous ||Kim Jongin (Kai)

Kim Jongin, known as Kai of EXO is infamous for being snobby and being rude to fans and even to his band members. Well, it all stops when he wakes up in an unknown room with a girl watching him.

-"Kim Jongin, how are you feeling?"
-"Mwo? Who are you? Why are you doing this?"
-"I'm doing this for your sake, and you get to taste what it feels like to be unknown."
-"What? What are you talking about? Tch, whatever, within 24 hours the whole world will be searching for me."
-"Wouldn't count on that,"

Wattpad account: PandesalSehun


7. VII|| Regret

Jongin was jumping in line, excited to see EXO.

-"I thought I would never see a member of the band to be excited to watch them." Minah said.

Jongin stopped jumping, realizing it was embarrassing for a man to be excited to see a boy group. He noticed Minah looking around nervously with her arms crossed. He wondered what she was worried about, but decided not to ask her about it.

-"Ahh...there's so much people here..." Minah quietly said.

Finally, they were inside sitting down and waiting for the concert to begin. Minah listened to the chattering of two girls next to girl. Jongin sat marveling at how many people came to see EXO. 

Suddenly, the lights dimmed and everyone started cheering. Jongin looked at the 9 boys coming up the stage with his mouth agape. Minah stared at them with an unknown expression then looked at Jongin who was smiling ear to ear. She felt an unknown feeling inside her.

He really does miss them...


After the concert, Jongin and Minah were on their way back to the car. They were one of the last people to leave the stadium, so the parking lot was nearly empty.

-"Thanks for letting me see them, I really do appreciate it." Jongin said to Minah.

-"I'm really not the bad guy," Minah said.

-"Uhh, well you did kidnap me, but thanks for helping me become a better person even though I was forced to."


Minah started talking but was interrupted by a voice calling out to them. Both turned around to the direction of the voice and was shocked to see.....


Minah cursed under her breath as Chanyeol ran up to them.

-"Oh, hyung! Annyeong." Jongin greeted with a bow.

-"Annyeong! I saw you at the concert, and noticed that you were the guy dancing to our song in a video Kyungsoo showed me." 

-"Yeah, that's me..." Jongin replied awkwardly.

-"Anyway, would you and your friend like to come meet the rest of EXO?" Chanyeol asked.

-"Really? Su-"

-"Sorry, but we can't!" Minah said quickly.

Jongin looked at her in surprise. Minah glanced at Jongin with a pitiful expression before explaining to Chanyeol.

-"Our mum told us to come home right after the concert, she doesn't like us staying out too late.." Minah said.

-"My manager can call your mom to give her an okay!" Chanyeol suggested.

-"Sorry, we really can't..We really need to go now." Minah said, almost as if she was desperate.

Jongin stared at her with a blank expression. 

-"Oh. Well, I hope we meet next time though. Can I have your numbers?" 

Agh, he's so persistent! Minah thought in her head.

-"Sorry, we don't have cellphones.."

-"Mwo?! It's 2015, everyone should have cellphones."

-"Ah well we're poor so yeah. Well we should get going, let's go Jongin." Minah said before dragging Jongin to the car by the arm, leaving Chanyeol alone in the parking lot.

As Minah drove away, Jongin looked through the side mirror and saw Chanyeol waving good bye. Minah looked at him through the corner of her eye and furrowed her eyebrows sadly. 

-"I'm sorry." Minah said.

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