Unfamous ||Kim Jongin (Kai)

Kim Jongin, known as Kai of EXO is infamous for being snobby and being rude to fans and even to his band members. Well, it all stops when he wakes up in an unknown room with a girl watching him.

-"Kim Jongin, how are you feeling?"
-"Mwo? Who are you? Why are you doing this?"
-"I'm doing this for your sake, and you get to taste what it feels like to be unknown."
-"What? What are you talking about? Tch, whatever, within 24 hours the whole world will be searching for me."
-"Wouldn't count on that,"

Wattpad account: PandesalSehun


4. IV|| Insolent

-"I...My parents passed away." 

Silence engulfed the both of them. Minah didn't want to face him. As much as she didn't want to look at him, the food was done being cooked giving her no choice. She turned the stove off and carried the pan the table with a kitchen mitten. Steam rose up as Jongin stared at the omelette.

As they ate, they continued the silent game. Jongin kept thinking about how lonely she must have been. 

How did they pass away..? More importantly, how does she have the ability to manipulate a person's existence? 

Questions flooded Jongin's thoughts, so much that it prevented him from eating more. Minah noticed his expression. She knows he'd ask about her life, so she quickly brought up a topic.

-"How about we go to the mall? You need clothes, right?" 

-"Hmm? Oh yeah..." Jongin nodded.


Minah drove to the mall with Jongin in the passenger seat. None of them spoke. Once Minah parked, both unlocked their seatbelts.

-"Ah what if I get noticed?" Jongin wondered out loud.

-"Don't forget you don't exist." Minah reminded him.

-"That's right..." He said disappointingly.

Both got out of the car and walked to the entrance of the busy mall.

-"It does feel good though,"

-"What does?"

-"I don't have to worry about being bombarded with fans. I don't have to shut down malls just to shop," 

The A/C blew in their faces once they entered through the sliding doors. Kim Jongin may have not existed, but that doesn't stop him from getting attention from his handsome face. Girls stared at his sharp features, fondling over him, wondering who he was. 

-"Is he a model?" One whispered.

-"So much for being nonexistent," Minah grumbled.

-"I can't help it, it's not my fault I have good looks." He boasted.

-"Whatever, let's get this over with."


After spending most of Minah's money which she despised since Jongin chose to get the most expensive clothes even though he could've gotten them at a cheaper price from a cheaper store, they sat down at the food court, bags on each side of the table.

-"Unfortunately, you spent most of my money, so I don't think we'll be able to eat tonight." Minah sighed.

-"Awww, but I really wanted to eat bibimbap." Jongin complained.

-"Well if you hadn't bought that stupid perfume, maybe we would've gotten a feast instead!" 

-"Shut up you're annoying me." He grumbled.

Minah closed her mouth to prevent herself from continuing her rant. Let him be like that....He'll regret it once he realizes. She thought to herself. She stared at him with narrowed eyes as he threw a fit.

Soon he realized what he said. He realized that he just made his situation worse. 

-"Sorry... I just- I'm just not used to the not getting what I want kind of thing.." Jongin apologized.

-"Well.. I hope you thought of a way to earn back the money you wasted while you were bitching about everything." Minah crossed her arms.

Silence fell upon them. Jongin looked around the food court. He did notice how everyone was mostly glued to their electronics. Everyone was with their families, yet they were distracted by the brain washing gadgets. Suddenly, he thought of an idea.

-"Well they don't call me the dancing king for a reason.." Jongin smirked.

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