Unfamous ||Kim Jongin (Kai)

Kim Jongin, known as Kai of EXO is infamous for being snobby and being rude to fans and even to his band members. Well, it all stops when he wakes up in an unknown room with a girl watching him.

-"Kim Jongin, how are you feeling?"
-"Mwo? Who are you? Why are you doing this?"
-"I'm doing this for your sake, and you get to taste what it feels like to be unknown."
-"What? What are you talking about? Tch, whatever, within 24 hours the whole world will be searching for me."
-"Wouldn't count on that,"

Wattpad account: PandesalSehun


2. II|| Mischievious

-"Let me out of here!" He shouted for the 15th time.

After their conversation, Jongin finally lost it. He didn't want to believe anything that came out of her mouth. But after the proof that she had shown, he had no choice but to believe. Believe that he was a nobody.

He cursed her name multiple times before giving up knowing he would never get her attention. He was starting to believe that he was in a sound proof room.

He hung his head low, her words repeating inside his head.

-"I did all of this, I was able to change your existence because I hated how you acted to everyone who supported you even though you didn't deserve it. I hated how you never noticed, too cocky to think about anyone else but yourself. Yeah, call me whatever you want. I did the whole world a favor." 

Tears streamed down his face, as he broke down silently. Thinking about his life before all of this happened, he began to regret the things he said and did. He wanted to go back, to the reality where everyone was around him, pushing away the fact that he was an ass. 

The door opened and more lights turned on, revealing the whole room. The girl known as Minah, came in with a key in her hand.

-"How about I tell you something." She began saying.

-"Are you back to keep ruining my life?" Jongin spat out.

-"As much as I want to, I don't want to be the evil guy in this situation." She tapped her chin with the key.

-"Do you still believe that you, Kai of EXO, still exist?" She asked.

-"Yes." He lied. 

-"Okay, I'll let you out."

Was this really it? Was she really going to let him out? Was all of this just a sick joke to her?

He stared at her in disbelief and scoffed. She shrugged and kneeled down to unlock the cuffs on his legs. Once the cuffs on his legs were off, she stood up and unlocked the cuffs on his arms. He rubbed his wrists before suddenly running out of the room. 

He frantically ran out of the hallway and out of the house, squinting and adjusting to the light of the sun. He desperately looked around to find anyone who would be able to confirm his identity. His eyes darted to a woman watering her flowers next door. He jogged up to her, a white picket fence separating them.

-"Miss, Miss, do you know who I am?" Jongin asked frantically.

-"Hmm? Who are you?" She asked.

-"I-I'm, my name is Kim Jongin of EXO." He licked his dry lips.

-"Huh? EXO? You don't look like one of the members. You are handsome though." She giggled before walking away into her house.

Little did he know, Minah was watching from the doorway of her house, finding the situation to be quite amusing. 

Jongin fell on his knees with his head on the dead, yellow grass. He punched the ground multiple times. 

-"So, Kim Jongin, do you accept the fact that Kai of EXO doesn't exist anymore?" Minah called out.

-"Give me back my life!" He screamed standing up and marching up to Minah.

He glared at her threateningly, but she was unfazed with his look. Instead, she smirked at him.

-"I'll give you back your life. On one condition." 

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