Sounds In the Night Sky

* BOOM, POW, Sirens go off along with the power. The ground shakes and makes you fall over.Screams fill the arena now for all the wrong reasons.*
Charlotte is lucky to have survived but what limits will she have to break to finally be safe? What tragedy will she experience with a bit of romance along the way l? Is it all worth it? THIS HAPPENS IN THE CHAPTERS AFTER THE SECOND SO PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR! :)

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1. The Concert

*** Authors note ***

This is my first story ever on Movellas so please comment about it! I will publish new chapters every week. Enjoy!!!



"We all know and love them, give it up for One Direction!"

Directioners scream from every place in the arena. You feel a rush of excitement come over you as you see them come on stage. Your heart skips a beat when you see...

" Charlotte Breanne Gallo! Answer me!"

This was your best friend Cecile. She was a big fan of the boys and fancied Louis.

"What did you ask? It's kind of hard to hear in here!"

"What would you do if your twin saw you and you two were related?"

Everyone who knows who One Direction and is friends with me thinks we look alike. It doesn't help I'm Irish, but I now live in a small suburb in London. We've lived here since I was two, so Niall can't be related to me. I'm also an only child and my parents told me I never have had siblings.We both have blonde hair too, but mines natural. I came to the concert not really a big fan, but I liked their music. The boys start singing Love you Goodbye, my favorite song. Cecile starts swaying me so I join in. Nothing bad can happen right?

*** One Hour Later ***

"We need to get out of here! Don't you see in the sky? Have you seen it?" a 50 year old woman shouted.

She didn't have a daughter with her so I guess the security people weren't noticing strange people coming in. I wonder where they were... Liam started to look over at the woman along with the other boys. Security finally came and took her out because she was scaring people. Once she was gone, the concert slowly started again.

"Who's ready to hear a song related to the album?" Liam jokes with the fans.

"I do!" Niall said.

Everyone went wild knowing it was A.M. It was apparently the girl next to me's favorite song, she started crying. As the song started, everything went as a normal concert should. I had a strange feeling though, but I couldn't tell what so I ignored it.

"Feels like this could be forever right now, don't want to sleep cause we're dreaming out loud. Trying to behave but you know that we never learned how, won't you stay till the A.M, all my favorite conversations always made in the A.M, ye...

* BOOM, POW, Sirens go off along with the power. The ground shakes and makes you fall over.Screams fill the arena now for all the wrong reasons.*

"What just happened?"

"Are we dying?"

"Sarah! May! Where are y'all? "

" Everyone please calm down. The boys went backstage and we suggest y'all leave because we don't know what's happening."

Everyone started running, trampling others to escape, but then everyone by the door stopped. You ran over since you had lost Cecile to see what happened. What you saw seemed like this would never happen. Buildings, cars, street lights all once grand and beautiful now lay in heaps of shattered piles of rubble. Sirens go off in the distance, cries can be heard filling the streets. Smoke fills the air and planes fly overhead. All of the people that were once staring now go in the streets running, panicking, not knowing what to do. You go back in and see the arena is empty except for the trampled fans running to get out.

"Cecile! Are you ok?"

"Are you ok? I came back to look for you!"

"I did too! Im so glad your ok, we should go home."

"Let's check on the boys, I know we aren't supposed to but when we're the only ones they won't kick us out!"

"No! I'm scared! Do you not realize what just happened?"

"Well no one knows exactly what happened but we can be quick ! Please!"

"Cecile what is wrong with you!"

"We're going."

"You can, I'm going home, come to my house of something's wrong."

"Ok wish me luck! Maybe Louis will fall truly madly deeply in love with me!"

We laugh at this but then I leave. As I go walk home, anxiety fills my head. I see people under the rubbish. I help some people before going home, needing to find out what happened and make sure my house is ok. I have to turn on the power generator when I get there to watch the news to find out what's happening. I also have to call my parents and make sure they're ok.

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