The famous person next door

13 year old Zoe moves to Virginia but what she doesn't expect to live next to her celebrity crush.... JACOB SARTORIUS. He comes over to meet his new gf??? Read to find out more


1. the goodbyes

One day Zoe had news from her mom

she found a job in Virgina.

Her best friend Lilly is upset.

Lilly: I dont want you to move.

Me: Lilly you know i would never forget

you even if im on the other side of the world.

Lilly: Still this may be the last time I will ever see you again in person. *starts crying*

Me: dont cry li.. Lilly *starts crying*

Me: Lil...Lilly want to help me with my last boxes.

Lilly: sure I will help.


Lilly: No prob.

*5 minutes later*

Me: well its time for me to leave.

Lilly: N.n.noooo. *starts bawling*

*I hop in the car*

*car door slams shut*

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