The famous person next door

13 year old Zoe moves to Virginia but what she doesn't expect to live next to her celebrity crush.... JACOB SARTORIUS. He comes over to meet his new gf??? Read to find out more


4. love at first site

Me: its 5:29 he should be here any moment

*doorbell rings*

Jacob: hey you ready

Me: yeah let me just grab my phone

*i come back*

Jacob: come on lets go. 😉

Me: k ready

*walking down the sidewalk*

*jacob reaches in for my hand*

*i grab his hand while he grabs mine*

Jacob: here we are

Me: its so beautiful

Jacob: like you

*kisses my cheek*

*i start blushing*

Jacob: here is a bench over he we can sit down on

Me: k lets go

*we sit down still holding hands*

Jacob: hey I've been thinking about this since the first time I laid my eyes on you

Me: y..y..yeah

Jacob: ok here goes nothing. Do you want to date

Me: OMG yes

*jacob kisses me on the cheek again*

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