Rylan is 18 and has cancer. Before getting diagnosed her mom surprised her with One Direction tickets and nothing is going to stop her from going to that concert. But what will happen when she goes to the concert only hours after getting a round of chemotherapy?


2. Chemo


*Rylan's POV* 

"You know it's not to late to change your mind," My mom said.

"Mom we go to a concert every year! We're going! I will be fine," I said to my mom as we got into the car to go to the doctor. My schedule for today is 9:00 a.m.- Chemo 7:00 p.m.- One Direction. "There is no way that I'm not going to this concert!" My mom just nodded and drove to the cancer center. 

"Good morning Rylan," A nurse named Mary said to me.

"Good morning," I said as I took a seat in a big chair. 

"Those are some great nails! And I love your shirt. I'm guessing someone is going to the One Direction concert tonight?" Mary asked.

"Yup! We have super good seats too!" I boasted with a smile plastered across my face. A couple minutes later Mary came back over with my chemo. The nickname for the type of chemo I'm on is the red devil. Nasty stuff. 

"Alright, ready?" Mary asked. I nodded and braced myself for the burning and stinging that come with the initial feeling of the chemo entering your body. I grimaced and clamped my eyes shut from the pain. After a few seconds it was gone. After chemo my mom and I drove back home to get ready for the concert. 

"So what else do you have to do to get ready?" My mom asked. 

"I have to make my sign and that should be it!" I said squealing at the end. 

"Alright. Lets get it done and start driving!" My mom said excitedly. I smiled and started writing. 

*A/N: sorry the first chapter is so short! I promise that the next one will be longer! I hope you guys enjoy!*

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