the boy next door

a boy moves next door to a girl named Kiara they become best friends until one day they tell each other their real feelings find out on the boy next door


3. two weeks with alec

i woke up in alec's bed i didn't know where i was for a minute i took a deep breath and realized that i fell asleep last night with alec. i turned around to face alec but he wasn't there i got out of his bed and went downstairs and saw alec cooking some pancakes " umm what are you doing?" i asked " i am cooking some breakfast for you and I" " oh really you don't have to do that" i said nicely " but i just did". i hear footsteps coming from the stairs alec's mum was coming down the stairs " hide" alec said i hid in this cupboard waiting for his mum to go. suddenly i heard that his mum and my mum are going to a business trip together because they work at the same place they were going for two weeks they were going now so that meant that alec and i can spend the whole two weeks together i mean i don't have a crush on him or anything its just that i want to get to know him better. finally his mum has left i came out of the cupboard and alec comes up to me " did you hear that?" he says " yes i did" " well i was wondering if you would like to stay with me for that two weeks" alec said scratching the back of his head, i had a thought of what if he likes me then i had a flashback of last night that the last word he said till he fell asleep was 'i love you' then i realized i loved him back to " yeah i would love to spend two weeks with you" i replied to his answer i saw a smile come across his face i smiled back then he took my hand and took me to the living room and sat me down "  I need to talk to you about something" he said " what is it?" " well um i don't know how to say this but i..i love you and want to be with you do you feel the same way about me?" "i love you too" i replied with happiness. i saw him lean in for a kiss so leaned in and gave him a kiss back.

it was the next day and i found myself hugging into alec i really felt a connection between us , i couldn't wait for these two weeks with him.



so sorry about not updating I will make sure I update more often

and sorry about this short chapter

but hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter

- till till xx

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