the boy next door

a boy moves next door to a girl named Kiara they become best friends until one day they tell each other their real feelings find out on the boy next door


1. the new boy

I woke up to the sound of a truck driving past my house and went to the window to see a family walking into the house next door which has been for sale. they are my new neighbours. I went downstairs to get my breakfast and coffee when I was stopped by my mother "Kiara, have you heard that there's a family moving in next door"." yeah I saw" as I finished making my coffee and walked to the table to eat my breakfast I heard a knock on the door and went to go and open it and then there was a tall blonde guy with brown eyes  "hey I have just moved in next door" the boy said with a smile "hi my name is Kiara what is your name?" " wow that is a beautiful name my name is Alec" he smirked  " well thank you" I replied with a flirty laugh " well im on my way to school and I was wondering if you could show me around" he said scratching the back of his head looking to the side " yeah sure I will love to" I said I grabbed my bag and we went out the door " so, what subjects do you like?" i asked Alec " um well i like English and sport" he replied " oh cool i like sport and history" i said with a smirk " that's cool, what sport do you like?" he asked " well I like soccer what about you". " i like soccer as well" he laughed. The bell rang " i have to go to English" I said " oh i got English too" he replied " oh cool" i exclaimed. we got into class and sat down he sat down next to Jamie my ex boyfriend and i sat down next to my friend jazzy for some reason i couldn't stop looking at Alec was I falling for him my daydream was interrupted by Mrs Clark our English teacher " we have a new boy his name is Alec so make him welcome".

I heard Mrs Clark say we have a seating plan everybody moaned. Mrs Clark was going to pick two names out of a hat and then them to have to sit next to each other the first names she called out was 'Jamie' and 'jazzy' Jamie looked at me with anger and jazzy rolled her eyes, jazzy hated him so much. more names got called out and then the names 'Alec' and 'Kiara' came out and a small smile hit my face and i could see his face i could tell he was happy too.


it was the end of school and i sat down on a park bench until i felt a slight tap on my shoulder it was Alec "hey do you want to walk home with me?" he asked " yeah sure" i replied with a smile. We started walking everything was silent and awkward I looked to the side of my eye and I saw him reach out his hand like he wanted me to hold it so I leaned my hand in to his we kept walking and walking we finally got to my our two houses and said our goodbyes and headed off back to my house the first thing I noticed was laughing from the dining room I peaked in and saw my mum and Alec's mum having a chat they were having a conversation about me and Alec how we should be together until my mum saw me peaking and listening to their conversation " hey dear how was your day at school?" my mum asked acting like that conversation never happened " mum I know what your talking about now stop changing the subject" I replied to her with some attitude " well I bet to go home back to Alec but it was nice meeting you' Alec's mum said  I went upstairs and fell on my bed I was so warn out from today and I am so excited about school tomorrow to meet up with Alec wait did I just say that OMG! im falling for Alec.



hope you enjoyed the first chapter of 'the boy next door'

I am so excited to have a co-author @ladyJane



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