the boy next door

a boy moves next door to a girl named Kiara they become best friends until one day they tell each other their real feelings find out on the boy next door


2. The Fight

The next morning after breakfast I ran up stairs and dressed into a lacy-white flower dress and went into my bathroom and put on some foundation, mascara and some bronzer and got my bag and went to Alec's house and knocked on the door he opened the door he looked as if he was in a trance "so are you ready to go?" I said " oh yeah okay lets go" we started walking. we finally got to school our first class was physical theatre which was drama, we walked into the classroom " hey is this the new boy?" Mrs Bristow asked "yes his name is Alec" I replied " and may I say are you two dating?" " no" I stuttered " oh ok well go and take a seat on the floor" she said we went and sat on the floor " ok today I am handing out your assessment" Mrs Bristow stated " you have to partner up with someone and do the play Romeo and Juliet" " oh and Kiara can you go with Alec for me please" people started to turn around and stare at us " ok get up and I will hand out the scripts" Mrs Bristow handed me the script and as she did she whispered in my ear " I put you with him for a reason" this was getting real awkward I gave him the other script I had in my hand and we started practicing

{1 hour later}

it was recess and I went to order my food I got a burger and a Starbucks from the cafeteria I saw alec sitting down by himself and talking to himself I had a thought of what he was saying was he rehearsing lines or was he figuring out what to say to someone? I walked to the table he was sitting at " are you ok?" I asked " oh everything is fine you?" " well I want to know what you were saying to yourself" " what do you mean?" " you know what I mean" " ok I will tell you later"

[4 hours later ]

it was home time Alec and I started to walk home I saw my ex boyfriend Jamie on his bike waiting at the traffic lights he was looking at me with a glare the traffic lights went green Jamie was heading towards us I was worried because I know what he is like since I used to date him he is very fierce and he is very violent that's why I broke up with him I was scared he was going to abuse me and Alec " well, well , well what do we have here aww you guys look so cute together" Jamie exclaimed " get out of my face Jamie I said I never wanted to see you again" " well I couldn't just leave you, well what im trying to say is I want to be with you again as in date you" Jamie said as he leaned in about to kiss me then suddenly Alec jumped in and slapped him across the face, Jamie punched Alec in the face " stop both of you" as I leaned on the floor crying with my face in my palms, there was a whole crowd of people watching the fight I saw Alec had a bleeding nose and a bruise on his eye I suddenly got up and stopped them Jamie got on his bike and headed off and I went to the closet shop which was night owl and got some ice and tissues and placed the ice on his eye and gave him the tissues to put on his nose we started walking back Alec was limping so I put arm on his back and helped him the rest of the way home which was just around the corner " come in my house" Alec said alec leaded me upstairs to his room I sat him on his bed " are you okay, you shouldn't of done that" I said in a comforting way " I did it for you" he said it looked like he was about to fall asleep the last word I heard before he fell asleep were 'I love you'



thank you for reading this

I will update more sometime next week

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