Phil's Sister

Phil has to play the part of "Protective Older Brother" when his younger sister, Leah, comes to visit. Can he remain friends with Dan after what happens?


2. Chapter 2: Coffee

Chapter 2: Coffee

Dan's POV

I walked into the kitchen the next morning and saw Leah sitting on the sofa scrolling through Tumblr on her laptop while watching Sword Art Online. Sounds a lot like my morning routine.

She had her long beautiful hair up in a messy bun and she was wearing a giant gray t-shirt with black sweatpants.

"You're up earlier than I expected", I chuckled as I got a glass of water.

"Jet lag", she laughed, "Where's Phil?"

"I think he's still asleep", I said as I walked into the lounge.

"Mm", Leah mumbled in response as she continued to scroll through Tumblr.

You know that feeling you get when you first meet someone and you just feel this instant connection with them? Like they need you and you need them? Because that's how I felt with Leah. But I couldn't tell her that. Not now, at least.

"Leah, can I ask you something?", I said nervously.

"Sure. What's up?", she said, turning towards me.

"Would you like to go out for coffee with me today?", I asked.

"I'd love to", she smiled, "When should we go?"

"Let's leave now", I said.

"I'll start getting ready", she said as she lifted her laptop off of her lap.

I walked into my room and began straightening my hair. I wanted to leave before Phil woke up because I knew he would not approve of me going for coffee with Leah. He seemed put off when I called Leah pretty yesterday. I don't know what was wrong with him. This wasn't even a date. But maybe I wanted it to be.

I had just changed into some black skinny jeans and my black eclipse shirt when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in", I said.

"I just wanted to say that I'm ready when you are", Leah said as she poked her head in.

"I'm ready", I smiled.

Leah and I walked to the Starbucks that was nearest to our flat. It wasn't super crowded inside, which I was thankful for.

"Phil seems kind of protective, huh?", I said as Leah and I sat down with our drinks.

"Yeah, he is", Leah said as she stirred her caramel macchiato, "Martyn is protective as well, but not nearly as much as Phil".

"Why is that?", I asked as I took a sip of my coffee.

"I guess because Phil's the oldest. Ever since...", she said as her eyes began to get glossy with tears.

"Ever since what?", I asked.

"Nothing. It's nothing. Nevermind", she said as she blinked away the tears.

"Leah, is everything alright?", I asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright", Leah nodded.

I couldn't help but feel like she was lying. Instead of her usual smile, she wore a frown and she was staring at her hands in her lap.

"Well, shall we get going?", I asked.

"Sure", Leah said as we both stood up.

Leah and I walked out of Starbucks and  began to make our way back to the flat. Before we had taken even walked two feet, we heard girls screaming behind us.

"Oh my gosh it's Dan Howell!"

"Can we please have a picture?"

"Yeah sure", I smiled.

After we took the picture, one of the girls asked, "Who's is she?"

"Is she you're girlfriend?"

"No she's not my girlfriend. This is Phil's sister, Leah", I said.

"Hello", Leah smiled.

"You're gorgeous"

"We've got to go, but it was nice meeting you!"

"You too. Bye", I smiled.

By the time Leah and I got back to the flat, Phil had woken up.

"And where have you two been?", he asked, slightly annoyed.

"We just went out for coffee", Leah said.

"Mm", Phil mumbled, "Dan, can you please give us a minute?"

"Sure", I said as I went into the other room. But I could hear them talking through the wall.

"Leah, I've told you before. I forbid you from dating Dan", Phil said.

"Phil it wasn't even a date", Leah said. I couldn't help but feel a little hurt when she said that.

"Oh yeah right", Phil said. I could practically hear his eye roll.

"Lighten up, Phil. Ever since dad died and mum got diagnosed with terminal cancer, you've been way over protective", Leah said.

Why did Phil never tell me that his mum was sick? I had of course known of his father death a year and three months ago, but I had no clue about his mum's illness.

"I just want my sister to be safe", Phil said.

"I appreciate you looking out for me, but I'm a big girl, Phil. I can handle myself", Leah said.

I then heard Phil's bedroom door opening and closing, so I assumed that Leah and Phil had finished their conversation.

I then turned on my laptop and began aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr.

"Dan?", Phil said as he opened my door.

"Yeah?", I asked.

"Can I talk to you for a second?", he asked.

"Yeah mate. What's going on?", I said.

"Well", Phil said as he sat down on my bed, "I don't want you dating Leah".

"Any specific reason?", I asked.

"You just can't", Phil said.

"But why?", I questioned.

"You just can't, alright?", Phil snapped as he got up and left my room, slamming the door behind him.

Now I'm usually one who follows the rules. But this time, that wasn't going to be the case.

Author's Note (please read):

Thank you for reading Chapter Two! I hope you liked it :) <3 I love and appreciate you guys so much! <3

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