Dancing With the Devil

Hi I'm entering this in the Everything Fanfiction Competition so here it goes... This is a story about a girl named Sky she was always on the honor role, a straight A student, well pretty much a good girl. Then she meets Luke a guy from a broken home with a rough childhood that's just not quite normal he give everyone he's around a weird vibes he stalks Sky and falls for her but what happens when he finds out she has a boyfriend will Luke go Psycho over his love or watch her fall deeply in love with another guy...


2. Voices


L uke's POV

As I'm looking at the Greenday tees in hot topic the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen walks past me and grabs a Nirvana tee. I can't help but stare at her she's...perfect

She's the one Luke

 I hear the voice say. No not again its back I choke back a sob its been almost 2 months since I've heard the voice I've taken my pills I was almost normal...

Yes, Luke you were almost normal w e both know pills won't make me go away

The voice says letting out a sick laugh. "No..." I mutter to myself "I want to be normal," I feel the hot tears build up in my eyes.

Luke we both know you will never be normal! Now listen to me SHE IS THE ONE

The voice yells. "No" I say a little bit louder. I look over and see the cashier giving me weird looks. Way to go Luke you've caused a scene yet again I think to myself. Before I know what I'm doing I Follow the girl to her car being sure to stay in the shadows .

Follow her home Luke

The voice says. "I don't want to.." I whisper. "Its not okay to follow people its rude. The lady at therapy said so."  

Do you really think the lady at therapy knows what's best for you Luke its a mind trick she's tricking you Luke like she does everyone else it a game to her! Do you want to be apart of her game! Are you going to listen to that evil lady she's against you Luke she's not on your side, but I am so who are you going to listen to!  

The voice screams. "I'll listen t-to y-you." I stutter.

Good now I want you to get in your car and follow her home Ok?

 "O-O kay" I stutter back to the voice.

Before I know it I'm speeding down the highway after the beautiful girls car.

When you arrive at her house I want you to park your car a block away from her street Ok? Then I want you to walk to the woods behind her house and watch her through her bedroom window for a little while Got It? Do not go any closer than the woods because if she sees you she will call the cops and do you want  to go back to that terrible hospital?

"N-No!" I yell as memories of that terrible place come into my mind.

I do as the voice tells me and go to the woods. Before I know it I'm crouched behind a bush. I can't even see her she has curtains hung up! I think to myself. After about 20 minutes of waiting I see a silhouette in front of the window. I watch as the silhouette pulls something over its head. "What's she doing?" I think to myself.  Then it hits me she's putting on a shirt. She's changing clothes. I quickly look away and blush a deep shade of red.

"I shouldn't be here." I whisper guilt lacing my voice since I just invaded a random girls privacy. 

Yes you should be here Luke think about it you watch her from far away now, and get to know her then when its time you could climb through her window and take her.  

" What?! I'm not going to kidnap her that's wrong!" I yell at the voice "This is why everyone thinks I'm crazy! I'm not crazy" I mutter dropping down on to my knees.  

  Quit yelling! People will hear you! Think about it you already know her so it wouldn't be kidnapping it would be a couple friends hanging out. She would be all yours Luke.  

"All mine?" I ask the voice.

Yes Luke all yours

  The voice answers.   "Fine I'll do it," I whisper to the voice.                



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